Fix Blue Screen Stop 0x050 error Windows 8!

Fix Blue Screen Stop 0x050 error Windows 8

Since August 13, 2014, thousands of Windows 8 users have reported that they are unable to boot their computers because of error 0x00000050 during Windows 7 startup.

This 0x00000050 error code appears on a blue background which is certainly an attribute of kernel operating system malfunction. Usually this error code occurs when the drivers such as case of Win32k.sys BSOD in Windows 8 use improper memory addresses. It is caused due to temporary issues. Sometimes the incompatible graphics drivers and Wireless network drivers may stop the computer from running properly and exhibits a blue screen STOP error code 0X00000050. If in this case you uninstall the program immediately and then reinstall it on compatible mode then this can solve your problem.

• While downloading the driver you need to select to place it on the Desktop.
• Then you need to right click on the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab. Then you need to select the appropriate options from the list that appears.
• Then you need to click on Apply/OK to continue.
• Then you need to click on the file and select the “Run as Administrator” option to install it on your PC.

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Sometimes, the blue screen STOP error code 0X00000050 might be caused due to attack or removing of the system core files from the computer. So once any files that are related to Windows installer can be removed from the computer then you can get the blue screen with 0X00000050 error message. Then for this you need run the anti-virus program and scan your PC and eradicate out all the malicious stuffs.

Then finally you need to fix your Windows Registry files. It is done because Windows registry can easily gets corrupted as you uninstall programs or some virus infections, etc. So if the system cannot write computer for the correct entries to perform your task then you can come across to STOP error 0X00000050 messages. So it is necessary to clean the registry files with the help of a good Registry Cleaner to fix all the errors from your computer.

You can even add more RAM to prevent and fix code 0X00000050 blue screen errors. RAM helps to store instructions about currently running applications on the computer. So when you launch the computer game, how the screen should look, a large set of the game’s instructions such as how it works, which sounds must be generated will be loaded into memory. If there is not enough RAM while performing the games or some similar programs then you can sooner or later get a blue screen error message.

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  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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