FIFA 15 Errors, Crashes, Lag, Connection, Freezes and Stuttering Fixes

fifa 15 errors fix

Playing games on your PC is a great way to have fun and to pass time, but it can be very irritating if your games are unable to run very smoothly. So, in this post, we will discuss about the FIFA 15 Games, its various problems and issues and their solutions.

The game was released by EA and it is already out and many PC players have the game running on their computers. And of course, there is no surprise to hear from some of the players about the set of issues while installing or during playing the games.

As predictable, every game has its own set of bugs. In the meantime EA trying to fix the issues, we have already found out a set of commons issues faced by FIFA 15 players and possible fixes that are mentioned below.

1- FIFA 15 Intro video crashes

During the first days of its release, many players faced this issue. The intro video crashed quickly when language selected and it left a question that it might be the same case even after its final release. But, as usual we have found a solution for you. This solution includes changing of “My Documents” folder. But before you proceed, you must take a backup of nay important data.


  1. Open C:/ drive, and create a folder named Documents
  2. Once you create Documents folder from C:/ drive or main drive, go to Users folder and then navigate into the folder bearing your Windows account username.
  3. Right-click My documents folder and then select properties.
  4. Select the Location tab and then click the option Move.
  5. Now go to C:/drive, click the Documents folder (the one you have created) and then click Select Folder
  6. After all the files have been moved, restart your game.


2 – FIFA 15 Ultimate team not accessible

If you are facing any issue to access FIFA 15 ultimate team, then you must require checking for any issues related to connectivity. Check whether all ports are connected well. On the other hand, since this is a beta version, all you need to do is to stay calm, relaunch the game and try accessing the team.


3 – FIFA 15 .NET Framework Error

While playing games many gamers have reported that they are facing .net framework error. So, if you are facing the same issue, then you can fix it by installing latest version of .net framework on your computer.


4 – FIFA 15 Connectivity issues

There are other gamers who had problems with lots of lagging and online connection. This issue occurs due to closed ports. So, check the following ports if they are open with respect to your platform.

  1. PC — UDP: 3659; 9565; 9570; 9000 – 9999 and TCP: 3569; 9946; 9988; 10000 – 20000; 42124
  2. PS3 & PS4 — UDP: 3074, 3478-3479, 3658-3659, 5223, 6000 and TCP: 80, 443, 3659, 5223, 10000-10099, 42127
  3. XBOX — UDP: 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 3659, 4500 and TCP: 53; 80; 3074; 3659


5 – PS4 lag issue

If you are facing the lag issue in PS3 or PS4 then you can check out that all ports are open as mentioned above. If all ports are open then make sure that NAT is not restricted.

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6 – FIFA 15 Micro-stuttering issue

It is one of the most common problems encountered by FIFA gamers. However, this issue might not be a big problem credited straight to EA sports. It is mainly a driver compatibility issue. So, just check you have the latest version of drivers for your GPU. Try to deactivate SLI/Crossfire, if activated.


7 – FIFA 15 unable to access FUT companion app on mobile

Several players have encountered an issue with connecting to FIFA ultimate companion application using mobile devices. In this case you have to just wait for the final release of the Full FIFA 15 because FIFA 15 companion app has been removed at the moment.


8 – Censored word error

Few gamers also experienced the censor word error even when they are using apparently non-offensive words. Currently the only solution available just simply logs into your FUT app and rename the ultimate team from there.


9 – FIFA 15 Crashes When the Logo is clicked

This error is also reported by several gamers after installation of FIFA 15. This is basically due to the behavior of bad driver installation. To fix the issues simply uninstall the current display drivers and install the updated drivers.


10 – Locked out after many Login trials

If you find yourself locked out of your console but has access to your trusted device. Then following below mentioned tips would be useful for you:

  1. Visit FUT site and login.
  2. When asked for secret question, click Forgot answer.
  3. Now, login to your trusted device and load FIFA 15.
  4. Once when you are in the ultimate game mode, a pop-up will ask you to enter your secret question.

Note – Just do not forget to check your computer or device minimum requirements and also scan for viruses as the first step to fix the issue. Minimum system requirements for FIFA 2015 are:

  • OS: vista/win 7/8/8.1 64 bit
  • CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz
  • RAM:4GB
  • Harddisk space:15GB
  • Direct x:11.0

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FIFA 15 Errors, Crashes, Lag, Connection, Freezes and Stuttering Fixes
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FIFA 15 Errors, Crashes, Lag, Connection, Freezes and Stuttering Fixes
FIFA 15 was released by EA and it is already out and many PC players are palying it, But many gamers has encountered many errors and issues so here how to fix it.
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