Easy Way to Repair your corrupted Windows registry file

registry error copyThe computer that runs on Microsoft Windows has a registry which acts as a type of DNA. The registry is the essential database which contains basic guidelines, settings, and other information that tells the PC how to run and how to behave at its individual levels with relation to one another. Each time when you use the computer the applications which are used by you constantly refers to the database of the registry files for determining how to function.

Windows Registry is organized as hives of registries, registry keys and sub keys and registry values. The values are the actual settings that dedicate the behavior of your software and hardware. The keys are considered as files where the values are stored and the sub-keys and sub-files and so on are stored. The hives of the registry contains the groups of keys that are stored together in your computer’s window registry.

If of sudden the registry files or keys become corrupted then you may experience irregular and different behavior of the computer. You may also certain window that fails to close from the desktop. The most common signs is refusal of Windows to open at the time of startup with one or many error messages that the results of “system hive error”, “missing or corrupt” files or “unknown hard error”.

The corruption of the registry files does not mean of corruption which is caused by the virus. It simply means that the registry files has got disturbed but not with the virus. Most commonly this may happen due to shutdown process also. If there is a improper shutdown of computer due to power failure then this may interrupt communication between program or settings and the keys of registry. And

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If there is a improper shutdown of computer due to power failure then this may interrupt communication between program or settings and the keys of registry. And abrupt shutdown of the computer leaves this communication to incomplete which results to improper functioning of registry. The registry file corruption also leads the error while using the hardware on the computer.

To correct these errors and problems you need to repair the Windows Registry files that are causing corruption in order to recover the registry files and restore the PC to perform its normal operations. The easiest way to this is by using the

The easiest way to this is by using the Microsoft Registry Cleaner Tool. It edits, rebuilds, restores, repairs, and cleans Hives of Registry files using its advanced features. It caches all the errors safely and easily without any hassle. This cleaner remove all entries for non-existent applications, and it’ll also fix invalid or corrupted entries. You’ll probably find your computer starts much more quickly too.

However, you can manually fix all the registry error but before doing so you need to keep in mind that unless you have good computer knowledge you should not attempt to alter the registry as it can lead to complications and hamper the performance of the PC.

So to repair the registry files firstly you need to perform several safety measures to keep your computer from getting harmed. To make your computer safe you need to set the system restore point so that if something wrong happens you can perform back-up of windows, you can even make a backup copy of your whole Windows Registry. This means saving off the entire registry hives on an external media or with another name on the PC itself.

After this open the registry editor and then click on the “Run” or the “Start” and on it type “Regdit”. This will open the Windows Registry Editor where you need to select the hives from the left that you need. The most common used keys that you may found are KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. After getting what you were searching for on the windows registry then make the necessary changes by clicking on the “save” button and restart the computer. Restart of the PC to make the changes to happen. But if still after rebooting the computer the problems still persists then you need to use the Registry Cleaner software.


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