5 Surefire Manual Solutions To Fix Corrupted Windows 10 Registry Files

Fix Corrupted Windows 10 Registry Files

The computer that runs on Microsoft Windows has a registry which acts as a type of DNA. The registry is the essential database which contains basic guidelines, settings, and other information that tells the PC how to run and how to behave at its individual levels with relation to one another. Each time when you use the computer the applications which are used by you constantly refers to the database of the registry files for determining how to work.

Windows Registry is organized as hives of registries, registry keys and sub keys and registry values. The values are the actual settings that dedicate the behavior of your software and hardware. The keys are considered as files where the values are stored and the sub-keys and sub-files and so on are stored. The hives of the registry contains the groups of keys that are stored together in your computer’s window registry.

If all of sudden the registry files or keys become corrupted then you may experience irregular and different behavior of the computer. You may also certain window that fails to close from the desktop. The most common signs is refusal of Windows to open at the time of startup with one or many error messages that the results of “system hive error”, “missing or corrupt” files or “unknown hard error”.

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The corruption of the registry files does not mean of corruption which is caused by the virus. It simply means that the registry files has got disturbed but not with the virus. Most commonly this may happen due to shutdown process also. If there is a improper shutdown of computer due to power failure then this may interrupt communication between program or settings and the keys of registry.

Causes of Registry Errors in Windows 10

Several reasons are there that are actually responsible for the corruption of Windows registry files.  Here, look at the most common reasons:

  • Unexpected Power cut
  • Virus Infection
  • Mistakenly configuring the registry
  • Disk write errors

Due to all these issue, you may notice that there is a corruption in Windows registry files.  However, to fix Windows registry errors or corruption in Windows 10, you can go through the below manual fixes. All these fixes are very easy to resolve to corruption in Windows registry.

And abrupt shutdown of the computer leaves this communication to incomplete which results to improper functioning of registry. The registry file corruption also leads the error while using the hardware on the computer.

To correct these errors and problems you need to repair the Windows Registry files that are causing corruption in order to recover the registry files and restore the PC to perform its normal operations.


How To Fix Corrupted Windows Registry File

Fix #1: Repair Windows 10 System

Step 1: First of all, you need to insert Windows 10 DVD to reboot the device

Step 2: When a dialog box will open, press any key just to boot from DVD

Step 3: After this, you have to wait until the installation process is initiated


Step 4: Now go to “Repair” from the windows Installer menu and the follow the instructions displayed on the screen to fix Windows 10 registry files

NOTE:  The data will remain the same when the operating system will be restored to a stable state.

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Fix #2: Run a SFC Scan

In the next fix, you can choose to run the System File Checker

Step 1: First of all, you need to launch an elevated Command Prompt Windows

Step 2: Now, in the CMD Windows, you need to type sfc/scannow and then press Enter key


Step 3:  Now if the scan process gets stuck then you should fix chkdsk issues

Fix #3: Install A Registry Cleaner

If SFC command fixing is not working then you can also try another fix, i.e., use registry cleaner tool. Several registry cleaner tools are there that can help you fix corrupted or missing registry keys. You can try this fix and resolve corrupted or missing Windows registry files.

Fix #4: Refresh Your Windows 10 System

Windows 10 allows to reset the Windows 10 system and leave all the files as it is. Doing so will refresh your Windows system files and may also help you to resolve registry errors in Windows 10 system.

Follow the below steps to fix registry error:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Setting Panel and then click OK Update and Security

Step 2: Now you can select Recovery and then click on Get Started

Step 3: After this, you have to select Reset This PC section and then click on Keep My Files


Step 4: Last, but not the least, you can follow the instructions display on the screen.

If all these fixes do not work to fix the registry issues then you can install Windows from scratch.

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Fix #5: Run the DISM Command

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to Start and then launch Command Prompt as Administrator

Step 2: You can then type the DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth command and then hit Enter key.


Step 3: After this, you have to wait until the scan process is completed.


Recommended Solution

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Final Words

I hope all the above fixes mentioned above resolves Windows 10 corrupted or missing registry file errors. Try all the above fixes with an ease and fix corrupted or missing Windows registry files. Or, you can also check device drivers if they are not updated then update it soon.

Apart from the manual solutions, you can also try PC Repair Tool. This tool is very effective and works very well to fix any kind of Windows errors. Just try this tool in three easy steps and get your Windows 10 issue resolved forever.

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5 Surefire Manual Solutions To Fix Corrupted Windows 10 Registry Files
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5 Surefire Manual Solutions To Fix Corrupted Windows 10 Registry Files
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