4 Fixes For Error CE-112840-6 on PlayStation

error code ce-112840-6

As a PlayStation 5 user, you might have been a victim of the “PlayStation Error CE-112840-6.” This is a technical glitch that appears when you try and download an already pre-installed game and try overwriting it.

This is very irritating as it stops the users from downloading and installing the game; therefore, in this guide, we have listed the potential solutions to get past the error easily and start using PlayStation again.

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What Causes PlayStation Error CE-112840-6?

PlayStation error code ce-112840-6 appears because of the following reasons,

  1. Unstable Internet Connections: When you don’t have a stable internet connection, this disrupts the game and shows the issue.
  2. Downloads from Different Sources: When the downloads from a different source conflict with the internal memory, the issue appears thanks to the conflict.

How to Fix Error CE-112840-6 on PlayStation?

Solution 1 – Check PlayStation Server

In many cases, the PlayStation error code CE-112840-6 is caused when the PS server is down or overloaded and not responding. So very, first, check the PlayStation server status for ongoing maintenance or outages.

You can check the PlayStation server status from here; if you find it is currently down, wait for it to get back to normal, or else try other solutions.

Solution 2 – Switching to a Wired Internet

In a classic case of poor and unstable internet connections, you will likely see PS5 Error CE-112840-6. More so with WiFi, there is a good chance of packet loss, resulting in the error appearing more often. The first and easiest trick would be to switch to a wired internet connection. This drastically reduces any chance of disruption in due course.

Solution 3 – Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

If you find no success in the previous step, try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game. Because PlayStation store error ce-112840-6 occurs, thanks to a minor bug in the game installation files.

In this case, we recommend first uninstalling the game, which would see you choose the delete option on the game properties. This would finish the process, and you now need to reinstall the same once again from scratch. Next, visit the game store and reinstall it using your credentials; you will have it ready.

error code ce-112840-6

Solution 4 – Unplugging any External Storage Options

The last trick requires removing any external devices attached to the main console. This sometimes leads to PlayStation error code ce-112840-6. Here is how you do it,

  • Turn off PS5 System Console
  • Remove the external storage device connected
  • Turn on the PS5 System Console
  • Then reinstall the game once more
  • Turn off the PS5 Console once done
  • Plug in the external drive once again
  • Turn on the PS5 and see if the error is gone or not.

When you turn on the console, you will likely receive a message that two-game copies are installed. In this case, remember to remove the copy that you’ve installed on the hard drive instead. This ensures a disparity in the internal storage, and the game should function as it usually should. Once done, restart the System as a whole and see if it functions properly or not.

If in case still seeing the error then write to the PlayStation official support page and describe your problem; then will get back to you with the list of solutions to solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the PlayStation Server issue trigger the error code ce-112840-6?

Yes, when the PlayStation server is under maintenance, you are likely to see the error code appearing a lot.

How to reach out to PlayStation Help?

You can reach out to PSN Support or make sure to visit their official Twitter handle and drop a message

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So, this is all about the PlayStation Error Code Ce-112840-6.

Here I tried my best to list the potential solutions to fix error CE-112840-6 on PlayStation; try the solutions given one by one and start using PlayStation easily.

But if there is anything that we have missed out, then feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page.

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