Windows 8 C++ Runtime Error on Advanced Startup/Restart

runtime error c++

If you are an API developer or a programmer then you may be familiar with the Microsoft Visual C++ toolkit for programming and debugging the Windows APIs, DirectX APIs, .NET Framework.

Visual C++ is good software but sometimes it may act badly for many miscellaneous reasons.

Microsoft Visual C++Runtime library error Windows 8 crop up due to outdated version of the program, conflicting plug-ins or other software or by missing program components or by other things.

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Fix Microsoft Word Errors!

Microsoft word error

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application. MS word helps you to create, find, and edit all kinds of templates and documents that are used for creating professional and detailed documents from resumes and letters to the calendar and other fun documents.

If you are using Microsoft Word on your computer regularly you might experience different kinds of errors and problems on it. These problems may be encountered with the computer not necessary with the word application.

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Complete Guide to Fix Windows 8 Shutdown Problems

Fix Windows 8 Shutdown Problems

The latest operating system launched by Microsoft is Windows 8 which is known for its Modern UEFI interface, snap multitasking, windows defender antivirus program and instant start shut down process.

Windows 8 offers a simplified computing platform for all types of users. Most of the Windows users have already upgraded their old version of the operating system to the advanced Windows 8 OS and many of them are in the queue to upgrade.

This latest operating system is packed with lots of advanced features with an eye-catching user interface.

Though Windows 8 come up with advanced upgraded features, still it has a flaw in it.

Today we will discuss a very common issue faced by Windows 8 users and that is Windows 8 shutdown problem.

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