[Adware Effects] How Does Adware Impact Your Computer?

adware effects on computer

If you think adware effects on computer are only limited to throwing pop-up ads and redirection to unwanted websites, then you are wrong.

There so many other ways adware impact your computer. In this article, I am going to share the effects of adware on your computer.

But before jumping to the impacts of adware, let’s first discuss what is adware and how adware spreads.

What Is Adware And How Does It Spread?

Adware is a type of malware that displays pop-up ads on the computer screen or changes the search result on the browser to earn revenue.

The main object of developing adware is to generate revenues for the author of adware by showing advertisements on the web browser. Adware developers get paid according to pay per view and pay per click schemes on ads.

Adware throws dubious ads and redirects users to the webpages they didn’t search for. There are so many other adware effects on computer which we will talk about later on in this article.


Adware hijacks the device and controls the web browser and carry out all kind of unwanted tasks.

Adware generally spreads via email phishing, visiting malicious websites or downloading programs from freeware or shareware.

When you click on suspicious attachments of email or when you download program from freeware or shareware, adware quietly gets installed onto your computer.

Once the adware successfully installed on the device, it starts showing effects on your computer.

Now let’s go to check out the adware effects on computer and what adware can do to your computer.

What Does Adware Do To Your Computer?

Adware can affect your computer in several ways, and it can turn out to be very dangerous for your computer and your privacy. Below given are the effects of adware that shows how adware affects your computer in different ways.

  • Shows Multiple Malicious Pop-up Ads On The Computer Screen

The first impact of adware on your computer is that the adware bombards ads on the victim’s computer screen.

Adware works on a pay per view and pay per click scheme. Cybercriminals use adware to earn revenue by showing pop-up ads to the victims.

getting pop-up ads on computer

Pop-up ads are thrown on the device screen while surfing the internet. The author of adware gets paid when users click on these malicious ads.

Clicking on the malicious ads doesn’t only pay revenues to cyber thieves, but it also installs malicious programs on your computer.

  • Redirect Users To The Webpages Didn’t Intend For

In most of the cases, adware redirect users to unwanted webpages. If your device is infected with the adware, then you will often face this issue.

In this case, users search for a webpage but instead of showing the desired result, it shows other results. The user usually gets redirected to either advertising pages or any other malicious websites.

  • Shares Browsing Histories With Third Parties

The worst impact of adware is it doesn’t only show you ads and controls the browser settings, but also spies on you.

Adware impacts on your computer

Whether it’s your personal details or browsing history, adware can spy on all online activities. Adware steals personal details, card information, passwords and browsing history.

Adware steals this information and send it to third parties. It allows third-parties to access the browsing history.

Third parties use your browsing history to target you with more ads according to your browsing history.

  • Adds Unknown Toolbar and Extensions On Your Browser Without Your Permission

If your computer/mobile is infected with adware, it will add toolbars and extensions on your browser without your consent. Adware also populates so many plugins on your browsers.

These plugins and extensions generally contain malicious codes that cause low browser performance, and it also freezes or crashes the browser.

  • It Slows Down The Browsing Performance And Speed

Adware throws ads constantly while surfing websites on your browser. It bombards ads, add malicious plugins, and add toolbars and extensions without users consent.

what adware can do to your computer

All these things make the browsing experience hell and slow down the browsing speed. Adware redirects users to the advertising websites, shows pop-up ads frequently, downloads multiple malicious programs that freeze the browser and makes you unable to do anything on the browser.

  • Slows Down The Processing Speed Of  The Computer

Adware effects on computer are not only limited to the browser issues but it also affects computer performance.

impact of adware on your computer

Different applications and programs use a different amount of computer memory and consume different processing time. After adware programs get installed onto the computer, it starts running in the background without your knowledge.

When multiple numbers of adware programs start running in the background concurrently, then it takes a huge amount of memory and processing times, which makes the computer processing speed slow.

As computers or any other device comes with limited memory and processing capacity, dealing with such a huge amount of malicious programs at once makes the device slow.

  • Disrupt The Computer Operations

Installed adware programs on your computer disrupt the computer’s operations and other functions.

As adware installs multiple malicious programs on the device, it captures most of the device’s memory space and slows down the processing speed.

It results in a computer crash or freeze, and sometimes it freezes other programs on the device.

  • It Changes The Browser’s Default Homepage And Search Engine

When adware gets into your computer or other devices, it changes the browser’s homepage without your permission and knowledge.

Adware hijacks your browser and make changes in browser’s settings according to itself. Adware changes the browser’s homepage and default search engine.

  • Consumes More Internet Data

As adware constantly shows ads on the browser, it consumes more internet data. It also eats the user’s data because Adware runs in the background and also keeps installing other unwanted programs on the computer.


That’s all…

After reading this article, you know what is the impact of adware on your computer and how much adware is dangerous.

Adware effects on computer are not only limited to displaying pop-up ads and redirection issues but it is also a privacy threat and can also harm your computer.

Sure, these adware effects on computer are dangerous but protecting your computers from adware is not as difficult as you think. All you need is to be aware and take some common precautions to avoid adware attacks on your computer.

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I hope now you are well aware of the impact of adware, and you found this article helpful and informative.