All About Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization Feature!

Windows 10 delivery optimization

Downloading the latest Windows 10 updates are time taking and Internet-Data killing process, all the major Windows 10 updates needs hours of downloading more than the dozen of GBs for each PC you have.

If you are running a big organization having many of PCs/Laptops then you need to do the same thing with all of your systems.

In order to deal with this lengthy process, Microsoft has added a new feature to the Windows 10 Creators Update called Windows 10 Delivery Optimization.

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Now you don’t need to take tension about your ISP’s data cap or additional monthly charges. This new feature of the Windows 10 Creators Update will help you to prevent Windows updates or app downloads from pushing you to download.


How does Delivery Optimization work?

First of all, let’s know how Delivery Optimization works. Have you downloaded any movie from torrent and shared it with your friends, if YES then you can easily understand the working of WUDO.

Windows Update Delivery Optimization service allows you to download an app or a Windows 10 update and then you can pass the downloaded files to your other systems. It means you don’t have to download the files for all of your systems, simply download on your one system and share it using the “free” bandwidth of your home network.

Windows Update Delivery Optimization allows the Windows 10 users to get Windows updates and Microsoft Store apps from sources, like other Computer connected with your local network, or System having the internet connection that are downloading the same files.

With the help of Delivery Optimization, a user can also send updates and apps from their PC to other PCs connected with your local network or PCs on the Internet, according to their system settings.

This update data sharing feature between PCs will reduce the Internet bandwidth that’s required to update more than one device. It will also get rid of several download failure situations, unreliable Internet connection and more.

When the Windows system downloads an available update or app via Delivery Optimization feature, it will search for the other computers connected on your local network/Internet (based on your settings) that have previously downloaded that update or app. Delivery Optimization stores all the downloaded files in its local cache for a small interval of time.


Is Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization Access My Personal Data?

No, this feature will never access any kind of personal files or folders or app data, and it doesn’t have any authority to modify any files stored on your PC/Laptop. You can’t use the Delivery Optimization feature to download or send personal content.

Delivery Optimization feature is very helpful to download all the updates and apps that you would download through Windows Update and Microsoft Store, along with the same security procedures. In order to confirm that you are getting authentic updates, Delivery Optimization fetches information securely from Microsoft to verify the authenticity of every part of an update or app that downloaded from other PCs. It will again check the authenticity of the downloaded data and then install it.


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Can I control Windows Update Delivery Optimization Feature?

Yes, you can easily stop the downloading updates and apps from or be sent to other Windows 10 systems on the Internet:

Step 1: Go to the Start button -> select Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Advanced options.

Step 2: Choose Delivery Optimization (or Choose how updates are delivered in earlier versions of Windows 10).

Step 3: Choose PCs on my local network.

In order to stop the downloading process from or uploading to other PCs on the local network:

Step 1: Again go to the Start button -> select Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Advanced options.

Step 2: Choose Delivery Optimization.

Step 3: Disable the Allow downloads from other PCs. Now, your system will receive updates and apps directly from Windows Update and from Microsoft Store with Delivery Optimization, but you won’t download from or upload to other systems.


NOTE: In case you are using the metered or capped Internet connection then the Delivery Optimization will get unable to automatically download or send the updates or apps to other PCs on the Internet.


In order to identify a Wi‑Fi or Ethernet connection as metered or capped:

Step 1: Go to the Start button -> Choose Settings > Network & Internet > Wi‑Fi > Advanced options.

Step 2: Chose the Network you’re using, and then enable the Set as metered connection.



That’s all about Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization feature. According to me, this feature is very useful for offices, organizations having lots of PCs.

If you want to avoid the Windows 10 update download failure issues and save your internet bills then you should use this option. It is also clear that WUDO is completely safe and secure as it can’t access any type of personal files or folders or app data.

All About Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization Feature!
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All About Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization Feature!
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