Top 5 Tricks to Fix OneDrive sync problems on Windows 10

OneDrive sync problems on Windows 10When you get unable to syncing OneDrive where all of your important files are stored then this situation can make you mad. Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage experience in Windows 10 to store and sync users personal documents and settings across your devices but sometimes the desktop client sync app won’t work and you get unable to run sync process properly.

If you are suffering from this issue then don’t need to worry as after applying below given solution you can easily fix sync issue in Windows 10.

Before Applying any fix for this problem make sure:

Windows 10 and OneDrive are updated. To check this: Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

Also make sure that the file to sync is not larger than 10GB (It is the current size limit for the service).

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Trick 1- Restart the OneDrive sync client app on your PC

Step 1: Right-click the OneDrive (cloud) icon.

Step 2: Click on the Exit option.


Step 3: At the dialog box prompt click on the Close OneDrive button.

Step 4: After it, open the Start menu-> search for OneDrive, and open the desktop app. You will see that OneDrive folder appear which shows that the app is running.

Trick 2- Make sure that your OneDrive account is connected to Windows 10

Step 1: Open the settings app by pressing Windows key + I.

Step 2: Choose Settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts

Step 3: Click on the Sign in with a Microsoft account instead option (if account is not connected).


Step 4: Simply go behind the on-screen instructions to switch to your Microsoft Account.


Trick 3 – Make sure you select OneDrive folders to sync

After upgrading your system to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, then sync using the below given guide.

Step 1: Right-click on the OneDrive icon.

Step 2: Choose the Settings option.onedrive-context-menu4

Step 3: Click on the Account tab -> Click on the Choose folders button.


Step 4: Choose either the Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive or the files and folders you want to sync to your computer.


Step 5: Click OK to save the changes.


Trick 4 – Complete the OneDrive setup process

If you are using a brand new computer/laptop, then you have to complete the onedrive configuration first in order to syncing your files.

Step 1: Open the Explorer by pressing Windows key + E .

Step 2: Click the OneDrive (blue) folder present on the left pane to open the wizard.


Step 3: Choose the folders and files that you want to sync to complete the setup.

5.     Keep file path short in OneDrive

Sometime the length of the path may also affect the sync process. Microsoft allows the path, including the filename, should not exceed 255 characters.

Long file path

Example: C:\Users\You_User_Name\completePictures\EveryYear\2015-2016\

So it is recommended to make the file name shorter and avoid having too many subfolders, inside of subfolders, by carrying folders closer to the root directory.onedrive-short-path-filename8

Use the troubleshooter

You can also use a OneDrive troubleshooter app provided by Microsoft. Download this app and troubleshoot OnDrive app without need of any professional knowledge. This tool is able to fix many types of issues within a single click. So, try this official tool of Microsoft once.

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