Steps to Backup and Restore Credentials In Windows 10

Create backup of Credentials in Windows 10

It is important to create a backup of all the credentials of your account. Windows system is packed with a built-in Credential Manager snap-in which all your login identities are stored.

The Credential Manager allows the user to store their passwords of web surfing, apps, Desktop software like Microsoft Office etc.

This blog contains the step-by-step process to create the backup and restore credentials from backup in this snap-in.

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Guide to Backup and Restore Credentials in Windows 10

#Creating Backup of Credentials

Step 1: Press window+ R to open run dialogue box and type explorer shell:::{1206F5F1-0569-412C-8FEC-3204630DFB70} in it, hit Enter key. It will open Credential Manager snap-in.


Step 2: After it, decide which type of credentials you want to backup. You can create the backup of either web credentials or Windows credentials. Navigate to the Windows Credentials tab and then click Back up Credentials link (if you want to create backup of your web credential then you have to navigate to the Web credential tab).2

Step 3: Now, backup wizard will appear, click on the Browse button to select a backup location. Click on the next button.


Step 4: After it, you’ll be asked to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys at the same time to continue.


Step 5: In this window, type the password to protect the backup file. Click Next.


Step 6: At last, you’ll get the message “The backup was successful”. Click Finish to close the wizard.




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#Restoring Credentials From Earlier Created Backup

Step 1: Open the Credential Manager Window and switch to Windows/Web Credentials tabs, again you have to choose which type of credentials you want to restore (Web credentials/Windows Credentials). Click Restore Credentials link there.7

Step 2: After it, select the backup file in following window.

Step 3: Now again press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys to continue. Restoration wizard window will appear type in the password of this backup file. Click Next.9

Step 4: After the successful restoring process you will see a message “Your log-on credentials have been restored”.


Hope, that the above-discussed steps will help you to create backup and restore your windows/Web credentials.

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    1. Yes you can export the backup of credential to any other system. First create the backup with the help of above given steps (#Creating Backup of Credentials). After creating backup go to the folder where the backup is stored. File must be with “.crd” extension. Copy it and save to the destination folder and after it, apply the restoring method (#Restoring Credentials from Earlier Created Backup). In Step 2, choose the exported file to restore. That’s it..

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