[Solved] “Operating System Not Found” Error for Windows 10

“Operating System Not Found” Windows 10 users are suffering with lots of errors among them one of the irritating errors is, “operating system not found” error. This error appears on the Windows system when PC or laptop gets unable to find the harddrive on which OS is installed or Operating system is unable to boot properly. This error is not only limited to the latest Windows operating system but you can also experience such error on any other operating system of Windows series such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and more. If your system is displaying a single line mentioning Operating System not found on the screen when you try to boot your device then you have to fix this issue by applying below given solution.

This issue is pretty unusual in incidence and occurs only if any serious hardware or software modifications are done by the user on their system. Generally this occurs because of faulty hard drives or system drivers, and why so the users of older systems may have chances to facing this issue.

Below some methods are given to fix this issue: (All methods are suitable with other Windows OS)

Method 1 – Verify the boot order in BIOS or UEFI settings

Step 1: Boot you system and enter to the BIOS/UEFI setting, to do this when first screen or logo screen is appear then press F10 or F2 or Esc key (keys may differ for the different manufacturer).

Step 2: After it, go to the Boot options.FIX-Operating-System-Not-Found-Error-For-Windows-10-2

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Step 3: Here you have to set the boot order, set Optical Disk Drive (it is your system’s hard drive on which Windows OS is installed) to the first preference. FIX-Operating-System-Not-Found-Error-For-Windows-10-3

After completion of setting, save all the changes and reboot the system. Now you will see that the problem is solved any system start normally without giving any error.FIX-Operating-System-Not-Found-Error-For-Windows-10-4

Method 2 – Fix the Master Boot Record (MBR)

This issue may also occur because of broken or damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). To fix this, you have to re-create the MBR to repress any bad sectors present on the existing one.

You can try steps given below to re-generate MBR:

Step 1: Start into System Recovery Options. Click on the the Command prompt :1q

Step 2: Now your system will opening Command Prompt at boot.2q

Choose the admin account and enter password to continue.3q

After it type the following command:

chkdsk /r

This command will check the system drive for any types of corruption or error, after the completion of check disk try to boot the computer to verify that issue is resolved or not. If issue is still present on your system then try to execute a SFC scan by typing the command


This command will reconstruct or restore the damaged system files on the computer. If this command can’t solve the issue then go to the step 3.

Step 3: Under this step you can repair corrupted boot record by executing below given commands in Command Prompt at boot, press Enter key after each:





4qAfter executing every command you will receive “The operation completed successfully” message. After executing all the given command, boot your computer and it should boot without any error. You can verify the MBR is fixed or not by executing bcdedit /enum command at Command Prompt5q

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