[Solved] Anno 2205 Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Performance Issues

Anno 2205 Errors

After the launching of Anno 2205, this error got a number of user reviews and comments over different sites. In all the reviews, you will see that the discussions or comments are related to the errors and issues of the game.

Anno 2205 players are suffering from different types of issues while playing this game, some of the common errors are: random crashes of the game or crashing while running the game, unable to execute or launch Game and Performance Issues like lagging or freezing.

If you are suffering from any types of issues while playing Anno 2205 then you are at the right place. Today we will discuss several types of Anno 2205 error messages and try to solve them.

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Then let’s start and read this article till the end to know the complete solutions.


Problem 1: Anno 2205 is unable to launch

Solution: This issue is very common, sometimes this game gets completely irresponsive even after clicking on the Play button. When the user clicks on the executable file to launch it then nothing happens or sometimes a window opens and then closes automatically.

Step 1: Right-click on the game’s icon and select the Properties.

Step 2: From the Properties dialog, click on the Compatibility tab.

Step 3: From the Compatibility tab, choose the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For checkbox

Step 4: Choose the game’s desired Windows version from the drop-down list

Step 5: Here you have to mark the game’s box or search at its manual to see what version of Windows it expects.

Step 6: Click on the OK and after it, try to play the game again.


Problem 2: Anno 2205 Crashes

Crashing of this game is another issue that irritating users, in this issue game crashes when user try to play or launch it.

Solution: You can fix this problem by canceling the download and remove all the junk files from steam\depotcache and steam\steamapps\downloading. At last, try to start downloading the game again.


Problem 3: Anno 2205 lagging/freezing/shuttering Issues

Solution: Apply the below-given tutorial to fix all these issues with ease.

It happens when GeForce GTX 970M defaults set to the onboard graphics CPU, to fix this open the control panel of NVidia and set Anno 2205 to use the GeForce card. This will fix the performance issue of this game.

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Tutorial to Fix Anno 2205 Errors

If you really want to fix all the errors of Anno 2205 then you have to download the patch of this game from the official site. Open up the official site of this game and download the available patch or update to get rid of all issues with ease.

Follow the tutorial below:

  1. Download the patch
  2. The downloaded patch must be archive so open the patch by extracting the file.
  3. Choose the folder where the game is installed, in case of default Steam folder the path of game is: C:Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common
  4. Choose your graphics card: AMDor Nvidia and click check to confirm
  5. After it select all the errors from the box
  6. At last, simply click Verify&Patchand wait for few minutes until the game is updated.

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[Solved] Anno 2205 Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Performance Issues
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[Solved] Anno 2205 Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Performance Issues
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