How to Fix NMI Hardware Failure on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 8?



On Windows 8, NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt) can be generated by the user manually by pressing the NMI switch present on your computer or just because of hardware error.

When you found this error on your computer your window stops executing and displays blue screen error or BSoD that states: “Your PC ran into some problem need to be restated”, and includes the below error code: NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE.

Your computer will save the memory dump file, and will automatically reboot which depend on the setting particularly under “Startup and Recovery” in the “Advanced system settings” under System control panel of your computer.

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The behavior of NMI has changed as compared to the earlier version of Windows. In Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 and its earlier version the response when a computer encounter NMI was depended on the configuration of “NMICrashDump” registry value.


What is NMI? How it is generated?

It is very easy to answer as it shed much light of defining NMI. The NMI (“Non-Maskable Interrupt”) is a kind of hardware failure. This hardware failure issue is same as the PIC interrupts, but NMI issue goes straight to CPU or to another controller that is the ISP.

Any device can pull NMI line and will generate Non-Maskable interruption. The device that generates NMI is the memory controller that rises when a parity error is found. The parity error is when your memory card acts like a flakey.

It shows an unexpected “Hardware Malfunction” error.

It is possible that your device is generating NMI by mistake. In many cases, it generates due to overheating or due to damage.

The NMI occurs due to RAM error or due to unrecoverable hardware issues. For new operating system, it can be handled by the help of machine check exceptions or SMI. There are two reasons for NMI. The first cause is the Hardware Failure problem and the second one is “watchdog timer“. After getting this error your system gets crashed.

The hardware failure is cause NMI then you will find no other way to figure out the piece of hardware that causes the NMI. If you get NMI due to watchdog timer, then it must be due to the OS setup.

Its done when the chipset doesn’t have its watchdog timer example setting the IRQ, PITRTC/CMOS or HPET IRQ to “NMI, sends to CPU in I/O APIC. In such situation, you need the watchdog timer to be very fast i.e. no slow cache flushing or hardware task switching and you want all CPU’s to give the same time that means you want all CPU’s to receive same IRQ at the same time.


Guide to Fix NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE Error on Windows 8.1 and 8

If you are not able to boot your system in normal mode then try the below steps to boot your windows 8 installation disc:

  1. Simple insert the installation DVDor USB and boot your Windows 8 from there.
  2. In “Windows setup” page choose the language to install”Time and currency format” and the keyboard or input method” and just click on next”.
  3. Click on Repair Your computer” and then choose Troubleshoot”.
  4. Now click on the Advanced options” and choose Automatic Repair” and choose the operating system.


You can also perform the disk check booting from your disc.

Simple insert the installation DVDor USB and boot your Windows 8.

In “Windows setup” page choose the “language /*to install”. ‘Time and currency format’ and the ‘keyboard or input method’ and just click on ‘next’.

Click on “Repair Your Computer” and then choose “Troubleshoot”.

Now click on the “Advanced options” and click on command prompt.

Type the following command from the command prompt and hit the enter button.

chkdsk /f /r X:( drive letter)

Press Y when you prompt to check the disk next time and your system will restart.

Restart your computer.


Note: While performing the check disk on the hard drive if any bad sector is found while the chkdsk tries to repair it then any available data can be lost.

But in Windows 8 and Windows server 2012 NMI is not depended on configuration. NMI results in bugcheck 0x80 (NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE).


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Guide to Fix NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE Error on Windows 10

Rollback the Recently Installed Apps

If you are getting the NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE error message just after installing a new application on your computer then you should rollback the recently installed apps.

Generally, this issue appears when users install cracked, pirated and any malicious applications.

To remove the app, simply go to the control panel -> add or remove and then uninstall the recently added app from programs and features.


Disable Newly Connected Hardware

This error may also start appearing after adding any hardware component to your computer. If you have added any hardware device such as sound card, hard drive and graphics card then you should remove it and check for the issue.



It is hoped that after applying the above-given solutions one by one your system will become error free. If you want to get rid of other errors that you can’t fix manually then you should go with a professional PC Repair Tool.

This tool is able to make your system error-free and fast without doing anything manually.

So, it is suggested to apply this tool at once and make your system error free.

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