Methods to Repair ‘Element Not Found’ Error in Windows 10

Element Not Found’ Error in Windows 10Users of Windows 10 reported about a latest error, ‘Element Not Found’. This error appears when users try to access Settings, Universal apps and other options, sometimes you will also get this irritating error when you try to open any image/photo of .jpg file format. Windows 10 “Element not found error” can directly influence the functionality and efficiency of Windows 10 system, and you get unable to access Settings, Universal apps. Fortunately you can solve this irritating error, apply the below-given methods to deal with this error.

Method 1 – Remove/Uninstall Lenovo apps from your computer

It is seem that some Lenovo applications are the main culprit of this error, it you are using Lenovo system/laptop then it is suggested to uninstall some certain Lenovo apps from your system. Lenovo CAPSOD and OneKey Theater are the apps which are responsible for the Element not found error. By simply uninstalling this software from your laptop you can fix this issue.

Method 2 – Remove/uninstall Window 10 updates

This trick is really effective, by uninstalling all windows 10 updates from your system/laptop you can fix this issue. So that, go to the Uninstall apps section and uninstall the entire Windows 10 updates from there.

Note: uninstalling all the updates is not the best solution, so go through one by one. Uninstall one and check for the issue is fixed or not, If not then install the update again. Through this you can find out which one is causing this issue.

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Method 3 – Reset/Reinstall Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Resetting or reinstalling Windows 10 PC or laptop may fix this issue. To reset your Windows 10 system you need Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive containing Windows 10 setup files. Don’t worry because this process will not affect your personal files even though it will remove your installed apps.

>>Steps to Reinstall Windows 10 without Affecting Personal Files/Folders

Method 4 – Restart explorer.exe

This simple workaround is very effective. Apply the below given steps to restart explorer.exe process:

Step 1: Open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Step 2: Find explorer.exe (Windows Explorer) in the list of processes.

Step 3: Right-click on it and select End task.middle

Step 4: After it, go to File > New Task.

Step 5: The Run window will open. In this window just type explorer.exe and hit Enter to execute it.

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