How to Repair Computer Crashes While Playing Games on Windows 10

Windows 10 crashing Microsoft takes care of game lovers in the latest version of latest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10. It is one of the best OS to plat game because it is very gamer-friendly operating system. But, sometime it gets hard to play games on it because of some problems occurs while playing games on Windows 10.

Crashing of system is one of the irritating issues while playing game, according to some report system crashes randomly while playing games or trying to run this game. If you’re suffering from the crashing problems on your Windows 10 computer/Laptop then try apply some of the below given methods.

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Method to Fix Game Crashing Problems on Windows 10

Method 1 – Make sure that your System has Latest Drivers

This type of issue may occur because of outdated system drivers, so that it is suggested to make sure that your windows 10 system is packed with updated drivers. Windows 10 system had issues with driver’s compatibility since the day one, and those issues are not fixed yet. Go to Windows Update, or Device Manager, and check here that drivers are updated or not.

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Method 2 – Install Proper Supported Software

It is necessary to install some additional software to run any game without any error, programs like DirectX and Java are the important software that help the games to run on any platform without generating any issue. So, it is suggested to install all the necessary software, and after installing the game try to play the game again. In case you don’t know which additional programs you need to install in order to play your desired game, do Google or visit the official site of the game.

Method 3 – Make sure that Hardware of your system is ok

Sometime problems aren’t related to the system or any software, maybe it’s in system’s hardware. System hardware like graphics card and more may affect the game or entire gaming session. So, it is recommended to check if your computer is ‘assembled’ with perfect hardware parts or not. If any hardware is affected or not compatible then replace it with a fresh one.

There are lots of games that doesn’t supported by the Windows 10, so it is recommended to have a look on the list of Games Compatible with Windows 10.

Method 4: Apply an Automatic Tool to fix any Internal Windows 10 Error

If you are unable to fix the issue after applying all the above given method and game is in the compatibility list of Windows 10 then you should try an automatic method. Download and install Windows Error Repair tool and run it on your system in the manner to fix all internal issue related to the registry, system files, dll files and more. It may also able to solve the driver related issue, it automatically update the outdated driver so you don’t need to do anything manually. Try it once and see what happens, it will also boost your PC performance by fixing all types of issue.

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