How to Fix Registry Windows 8.1 ?

Fix Registry Windows 8.1

Registry error in windows 8.1 may be repaired either manually or by applying any registry repair tool. You can repair registry manually by using the built in tool of windows 8.1 called “regedit”. This inbuilt utility tool is accessed through the Start Menu -> Run and in the run field type regedit and click ok.

To know more about how to fix registry errors it is necessary to first know about registry files and keys.

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What is Windows Registry

Windows registry or computer registry is actually a main database of any system in which all the information stored, these information play very important role to operate any computer system and its hardware. It store all the activities that is donned in the computer system, those information makes a computer to perform better and efficiently with its hardware. Registry repair and prevention is necessary because after sometime this registry database become very large and so that operating system faces difficulties to find anything or allocate task. Due to it system gets slow and display registry errors. Sometime it also gets corrupt and so that system starts displaying error message. Registry error becomes critical when it gets corrupt badly, it is a very important part of Windows and if it is damaged then it may also corrupt the whole computer system.

How to keep computer Registry Error Free?

Keeping your Windows system registry error free is such a difficult task for a normal user but in windows 8.1 Microsoft makes it little easy. User can take away their system form registry error by using computer in a normal manner.

We know that registry will record anything we do on the computer system and make some changes according to our action. But because of some reasons, the changes or records are not actually finished, thus caused registry problems.

1. It happens when user frequently install or uninstall applications on the computer system.

2. Not uninstall the installed software completely

3.Some time virus and computer malware can also affect the computer system and make registry error full.

4. Major changes in any computer hardware can also corrupt the system registry.

5. Unused or uninstalled drivers can also harm the registry database.

How to Fix Windows 8.1 Registry?

It is the latest version of windows and so that to remove Windows 8.1 registry error you have to know about the functions of Windows 8.1 Registry. In this version of windows registry play very important role like the brain of any human body. It holds all the information related to the operating system of the computer and other installed software such as user settings, hardware drivers, software settings, operating system settings etc.

What happens after registry corruption?

A corrupt registry key display errors when you want to run any application or whenever you start the computer system. But along with errors a corrupt registry file will also do many other damaging in the computer.

1. Blue screen Error of Death (BSoD)

2. Error Messages like

Windows 8.1 could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM

Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): SystemRootSystem32ConfigSOFTWARE or its log or alternate

3. System gets crashed when you run any application.

4. Take long time to start.

5. System halted

6. Computer gets hanged or Freezes every time

7. Sluggish Performance

How to repair Windows 8.1 registry error?

We know that registry file is the every important part of any computer system so it is recommended that apply any third party registry repair tool instead of manual method. Manual method is very difficult to operate and some time due to small mistake the whole system gets crashed. So apply professional registry repair tool for windows 8.1 and get rid of corrupt registry keys. This tool is specially designed for the normal computer user, one can easily operate this tool and make their system error free. It is the best option for the entire user because this tool can repair registry keys without harming any other system files.

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