How to Fix ‘NTLDR is Missing’ Errors

fix NTLDR is missing errorNTLDR is short for NT loader –is software loaded from hard drive boot sector that displays the Microsoft Windows NT startup menu and helps Microsoft Windows NT load. Hence, your windows cannot load when it goes missing for some reasons. Some of the NTLDR errors message that you may encounter are mentioned below.

NTLDR Error Messages

There are several ways that the “NTLDR is missing” error may display itself, here are some of them:

  • “NTLDR is missing
    Press any key to restart”
  • “NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”
  • “Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR
    Please insert another disk”

The “NTLDR is missing” error displays immediately after the computer is started.

Causes of NTLDR Errors

There is several numbers of possible causes for NTLDR errors. The most common reason behind this error message is when your computer is trying to boot from a hard drive or flash drive that is not correctly configured to be booted from. This is also applicable to media on floppy drive or optical drive that you trying to boot from.

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Other reasons include corrupt, damaged or misconfigured files, operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive, available of bad sector, and outdated BIOS and damaged IDE cables.

How to Fix NTLDR Errors

Here are some solutions that can help you in fixing NTLDR error:

1 – Restart your computer. It can fix the NTLDR error.

2 – Check the hard drive and other drive BIOS setting are configured properly. The BIOS configuration tells the computer how to utilize hard drive, so if there is any incorrect settings can create issues including NTLDR errors.

Note – There is generally an Auto setting for hard drive and optical drive configuration in BIOS settings. So, if you do not know what to do then you can select the Auto setting.

3 – Check your optical (CD/DVD/BD) and floppy drives for media and eject any connected external drives. Sometimes, you encounter with “NTLDR is Missing” error if your computer is trying to boot from a non-bootable CD/DVD/BD, floppy or external hard drive or flash drive.

4 – Replace or repair the boot.ini file, this will help in removing NTLDR error, if errors are occurring due to boot.ini file which is not configured properly for the installation of your Windows XP.

5 – Restore and NTLDR files from the Windows XP CD. By restoring these two files from the original Windows XP CD will remove the errors.

6 – If your master boot record is corrupt then you may encounter with NTLDR error messages. So, you must repair the master boot record.

7 – If the partition boot sector is corrupt or if it is not configured correctly, then you may get this error “NTLDR is Missing”. You can write a new partition boot sector to the Windows XP system partition to resolve this issue.

8 – Sometimes, outdated BIOS version can create the problem; hence you must update your motherboard’s BIOS.

9 – NTLDR error could occur due to damaged or malfunction of IDE cable, therefore you must reset all internal data and power cables. If you think that cable is faulty then try to replace it. It may fix your issue.

10 – Repair installation of Windows XP. By doing this it will repair or replace the missing or corrupt files. Continue troubleshooting if this does not solve the issue.

11 – Perform the installation of Windows XP. It will completely remove the Windows XP from your computer and install it again. It will remove the NTLDR errors. However the process is a time taking.

Note – While performing process you must keep backup of your files and data.

NTLDR Errors Apply To

This error applies to Windows XP operating system including Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

Still Facing NTLDR Issues?

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