[Solved] How to Fix Team Fortress 2 Not Working in Windows 10?

Fix Team Fortress 2 not workingSome Steam games are not compatible with the Windows 10, and so that users may face error messages when they try to play these incompatible games on Windows 10.

Team Fortress 2 is very popular game, but Windows 10 users are facing issues with this most popular game. But don’t worry because there are two simple tricks available to fix Team Fortress 2 problem in Windows 10.

Method 1 – Alter the Window Border

You have to change the window border, and the game is supposed to run normally. Apply the below-given instructions to fix the Team Fortress issue in Windows 10:

Step 1: Open Steam Client -> navigate to Library

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Step 2: Right-click on Team Fortress 2 and select Properties

Step 3: Open Set Launch Options available under General.

Step 4: After it enter the below given command and hit Enter or click OK

-windowed -noborder

Step 5: After executing the above-given command try to run the Team Fortress 2 again and see if there are any issues

This trick is able to fix all the major issues, but if you are still unable to solve this issue then go to the trick 2.


Method 2 – Set the specific screen resolution

If the above-given trick didn’t work then you should try the below-given solution.

Step 1: Check your screen resolution by using below given method:

  • Right-click on Desktop and go to Display Settings
  • Go to Advanced Display Settings and see your resolution under Resolution

Step 2: Open Steam Client -> navigate to Library

Step 3: Right-click on Team Fortress 2 and select Properties

Step 4: Open Set Launch Options available under General.

Step 5: Enter the below given command and click OK

Step 6: windowed -noborder -w [SCR-H] -h [SCR-W] ([SCR-H] and [SCR-W] are height and width of your screen, so here’s an example if your screen resolution is 1400 x 900: windowed -noborder -w 1400 -h 900)

Step 7: Click OK and try to execute TF2 again

This will surely fix Team Fortress 2 issues and errors in Windows 10.


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