How to fix Outlook Error 0x80042108?

fix Outlook Error 0x80042108

Outlook Error 0×80042108 is a common error that you can face while working with Outlook. This error occurs may occur in various situations such as while launching Outlook, performing mail operations (sending, receiving, or replying etc.), storing data on PST file etc.

Symptoms and consequences of Outlook Error 0×80042108

• The SMTP email messages will not be able to be sent or received.
• Other mail operations such as mail reply, deletion or forwarding etc. couldn’t be performed properly.
• The Outlook application will fail to start or to launch.
• The outlook application starts to behave abruptly.
• Problems will start to come up while working with the outlook files such as errors while storing or accessing data.
• Other Outlook operations such as saving of contacts, scheduling tasks etc would not be able to be performed properly.


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Causes of outlook error 0×80042108:

• You may receive Outlook Error 0×80042108.
• You may enable SSL on your system for your Email account.
• The anti-virus may add spam add-in in your installed system.
• The corrupted registry leads to system errors and may cause error 0×80042108.
• The incorrect or unnecessary registry will change as a result it will cause Outlook Error 0×80042108.
• Some of the Anti-spam adds in the installed in the Outlook that conflicts the Outlook application.
• The attack of virus and malicious threats.
• The failure of Outlook application or some other problems with Outlook.
• Incorrect Outlook configuration.
• Damage and corrupt PST files.
• Improper installation or update of MS Office.

Initially you can get use to this error messages but after some time it starts to increase its frequency and starts to hamper your work. Later on you may face severe loss of data situations, so it is necessary to resolve this error 0×80042108 at its earlier stage.



• To fix the error 0×80042108, Outlook provides free inbuilt utility-Inbox Repair Tool that helps you to resolve the errors code 0×80042108 related to Outlook and other PST corruption related issues. If it fails then you can use any third party repair tool to eliminate this situation.
• The Outlook error code 0×80042108 can be the result of some incorrect system configurations, registry or wrong settings. In such situations when the error 0×80042108 does not get fixed by fixing the system then it could done easily with the help of registry cleaners such as PC Repair Tool with efficiency. It easily resolves all the issues related your Outlook and PC. Some of the users may ignore this without realizing that Registry is the main computer of your computer. Registry contains all the settings and options of the computer so when something goes wrong in system the registry can be cause of it.

Sometimes by restarting the system you can also fix this error situation. So technical expert’s advices, users to restart the system before using any of the methods those mentioned above. Apart from system restart you can also try to remove office update, restoration of OS and disabling the antivirus or firewall etc.

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  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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