How to Fix INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Error on Windows 10?


There are many updates are launched by the Microsoft, the latest one is Creators update. It contains several patches and latest features for your Windows 10 update.

But sometimes updating to Creators Update can cause unwanted behavior in a lot of built-in apps. In this blog, we will discuss about “How to fix Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer now working after Creators update?”

After updating to Windows 10 creators update you will face the issue on accessing any web page. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and another inbuilt web browser will become unable to access the webpage normally.


Microsoft Edge display the following error message: “There was a temporary DNS error. Try refreshing the page. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND.” Could you please help?


INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND is an irritating Windows 10 error code that might appear when you try to open the Microsoft Edge web browser. Due to this error, you can’t access a particular website that they were able to open before. However, this is not a simple connectivity error.

Whenever you will try to access any webpage then you will most likely see a message “Hmm… cannot reach this page” with “Details” button. In order to see the detail about this error, click on the “Details


The DNS server might be having problems. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND”.

Sometimes the page gets loaded but it won’t work, for ex: unable to download anything, upload any documents etc. This problem is not permanent which means that it will come and go. Sometimes Microsoft Edge starts working normally while sometimes it shows this error. This issue only affects the built-in web browser of Windows 10 such as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. So, you can use other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

That all of the Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND, now let apply fixes to overcome from this issue


Fix 1: Turn off TCP Fast Open feature on Edge

Open Microsoft Edge and type about: flags in the URL address bar;

Now, scroll down to find the Network section;

Again find TCP Fast Open and unmark the box next to it;

At last, restart the Microsoft Edge.


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Fix 2: Reset netsh

NOTE: If your system has a static IP then avoid the below-given procedure, as it will reset all IP settings. OR you can save your IP Configuration before applying this fix.


How to save your IP configuration into the ipconfiguration.txt file in C:\

Press the Windows Key and Press X.

Select Powershell (Admin).

In the Poweshell window type ipconfig /all > C:\ipconfiguration.txt


How to reset netsh?

In the Powershell window type, netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt and hit the ENTER key

After it, type, netsh winsock reset and hit ENTER key

Restart your PC and test


Fix 3: Uninstall and then Install Microsoft Edge

First, you need to create the backup of your favorites, follow the below-given steps;

Open the run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R, after opening run box window type %LocalAppData%\\Packages\\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\\AC\\MicrosoftEdge\\User\\Default, and hit Enter key


Now, right-click on the DataStore folder and choose Copy;

Go to the Desktop, right-click on an empty space, and choose Paste.

Exit from the Microsoft Edge

Steps to Reinstall Microsoft Edge;

Open the File Explorer

Click on the View and mark the Hidden items box;

After it navigate to the C:\\Users\\UserName\\AppData\\Local\\Packages folder

Replace the “UserName” with your username

Search for the Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder and erase/delete it;

If any confirmation window will appear press YES;

Wait until the process finished. If any other dialog box appears then click on the Yes to continue;

Sometimes system refused to erase some of the files, click on the Skip button;

After the completion of deleting process, restart your PC

Now, again open the Powershell window. Press the Windows Key and Press X and choose Powershell (Admin).

Go to the cd C:\\users\\yourusername and replace “UserName” with your username

Now, copy and paste the


Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}


command in the Powershell Window

At last close the Powershell and restart your PC.

Fix 4: Repair Wi-Fi or Network Driver in Windows 10

Try to repair Wi-Fi driver or Network driver, this will fix the INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND error.

In order to do this, you should go with a professional Driver Repair Tool. This is the software through which you can easily repair system’s driver.

Simply, download-install and run this tool on your system. It will automatically scan system’s drivers and fix them within a minute.

After scanning your system with this tool, your system will become normal and you can enjoy Microsoft Edge and other built-in apps.

Along with resolving this issue, this tool will also help you to overcome from all other types of system errors like registry issue, dll error, BSoD error and more. With the help of this software, you can turn a slow Windows system into a fast system.

How to Fix INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Error on Windows 10?
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