How to Fix The Crew PC Crashes, Lag, FPS, Preload, Uplayinstaller, Black screen, Errors, Freeze, Stopped working

the crew error fix

After long time anticipation, The Crew has finally launched on Steam, but many users have complained so many issues such as bugs, crashes, errors, and preload issues regarding this at the time of running the game. Here are some of the most common issues encountered while running the Crew and the best ways to fix them are discussed.

How to Fix The Crew PC Crashes, Errors, Freeze, Lag, FPS, Preload, Uplayinstaller, Black screen, Stopped working

  1. Slow preload, game not loading

First check for your WiFi network is it working properly or not. If any routing issue arises then you can fix it out by resetting your WiFi router.

Restart Steam and once more try to download it.

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  1. exe crash

This problem is mainly caused because of the corrupt Uplayinstaller.exe file. So confirm your game cache on Steam and to run the game one more time.

  1. Loading saved data screen crash

Now disable your anti-virus and run The Crew once again.

  1. The Crew stopped working

If you are encountering this error then the reason can be your too high graphics settings, so try to set it lower or normal.

5.Randomly crashes

If you are facing random crashing of The Crew then it may be due to older version of drivers. So be sure about update of your graphics drivers and DirectX.

  1. Window mode crash

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Press Alt+Enter to shift into full screen safely. As many users have also complained for shutting off their anti-virus then verifying game cache on Steam did the trick.

  1. Story mission markers are missing

Restart The Crew and the markers should visible. If it won’t work then check you game cache files on Steam.

  1. The Crew PC is Lagging and Freezing

Firstly be sure about your PC meets the minimum needs after that check for the latest drivers’ version, but if you have the outdated one then you can replace it by using a driver update tool for this.

  1. Preload error

To fix this out successfully you need to restart Steam and try downloading again.

  1. Stuck at 100% download, disk write error

If you don’t have enough space! Then empty up your HDD and run the game again.

After following all these above mentioned points you will surely be able to fix this issue regarding The Crew, but all these won’t work for you and still you are facing such problem then you must have to use the PC Repair Tool for this.

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