Complete Guide to Fix Microsoft Windows 10 System (ntoskrnl.exe) Process High RAM, CPU Usage

ntoskrnl.exe windows 10 fix
Are you facing memory leak problem with “ntoskrnl.exe” or high CPU usage issue? If yes then don’t worry because this blog contains the complete information about how to deal with “ntoskrnl.exe” or high CPU usage. Because of this issue your computer runs out of space very quickly in Windows 10. You can repair this error or problem without need of any professional expertise, in below given guide you will learn the effective methods to get rid of Windows 10 system “ntoskrnl.exe” memory leak, Runtime Broker and high CPU usage issue.

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Steps to troubleshoot ntoskrnl.exe memory leak and high CPU usage issue

In order to fix “ntoskrnl.exe” memory leak error and high CPU usage issue in Windows 10, it is recommended to create backups for your system and precious data before applying below given tricks.


Trick 1: Make sure that your Windows system is malware free

Computer malware are malicious codes that may enter into your computer and affect attach itself with the system process. This can also generate high CPU usage issue and slows down system performance, so that it is recommended to remove malware from your PC as soon as possible. You can take the help of a professional malware removal tool in order to remove malicious infection from your system as soon as possible.

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Trick 2: Update Windows to Fix the Ntoskrnl.exe Error

By only updating you can fix these issues easily. Microsoft releases patches for certain issues. So download the necessary patch via Windows update in order to fix this problem.

Step 1: Press the Windows Key > type windows update > choose Windows update


Step 2: Click on the Check for updates and then Install updates to download and install the available updates.


Trick 3: Make sure that all the system drivers Updated [Update outdated or faulty drivers]

This error may also appear because of outdated or faulty system drivers, corrupt or damaged system drivers are major reasons which generate memory leak issue in Windows 10. While Microsoft rolls back automatic updates for all recognized hardware installed on PC such as sound, graphics and network drivers etc. All of them cannot be updated automatically so to fix memory leak issue you should update all your outdated or faulty drivers in Windows 10.


Trick 4: Disable Runtime Broker and fix high CPU and memory usage issue

Runtime Broker is actually a system process which often occupy large portion of CPU cycles. So disable Runtime Broker and fix high CPU and memory usage issue.

Go to Start Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > Deselect Show me tips about Windows and reboot computer.

By applying above given step, Windows 10 will save huge amount of CPU and memory space.

Automatic way to fix Ntoskrnl.exe Error

In order to get rid of Ntoskrnl.exe Error you can also try an automatic tool, this software is able to deal with this issue without need of doing anything manually. If you are unable to solve this issue after applying above given tricks or unable to apply the above given tricks due to lack of knowledge then don’t worry, simply apply the given tool in order to repair Ntoskrnl.exe Error and high CPU memory usage.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

(Note: This powerful tool can increase your performance by 97%)

This software is also effective to fix different errors such as Windows Installer Errors, Windows Startup Errors, Active X Control problems, Active X Errors, Registry Errors and many others exe errors, you should try an automatic method to get rid of all these errors. Automatic method is suggested because there are various errors that are not fixed with any manual resolution, a professional PC Error Scanner will allow you to deal with all types of issues related to Windows system without doing anything manually. This application is packed with very easy to understand user interface especially for the normal user or those users that don’t have any technical skills.

Download and install this application and the rest task will be executed automatically by this. This scans your PC and fixes all the bugs or errors present inside your computer/laptop. You can also fix any types of system driver issues with the help of this software; it provides the facility to debug driver related problems. Now you don’t need to suffer from your sluggish system because its advance technology can turn an old system into a brand new computer. Try it once and improve the performance of your old computer.

Powerful Features of PC Repair Tool

  • Back-up Registry – You can take backup of your system registry, it allows user to create registry backup so you can use it in any system crises.
  • Built in scheduler – It comes with a built in scheduler that scan your PC automatically after a fix time of interval.
  • Deletes empty registry Keys – Through this tool you can make your registry database error free, it can removes all the unwanted registry keys from Windows.
  • Checks invalid Class Keys – It can also check invalid class keys from windows system and help to run smoother. It also checks Shell Extension, invalid Help Files, Invalid Shared known DLL’s, invalid Paths and more.
  • Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs – It also manage cleanup and startup applications of Windows system that help computer to boot without any delay.
  • Scans for Invalid Program shortcuts – This tool also fix all types of invalid application shortcuts.


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