Trick to Uninstall or Remove Pre-Installed Windows 10 Apps

Remove Pre-Installed Windows 10 AppsLatest Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10 launched with lots of preinstalled apps which makes things easy on Windows 10 system. But if you want to uninstall some of these then you have to go with the standard method to uninstall any preinstall application on Windows 10. Not all but some app needs advance removal instruction to uninstall. By uninstalling unwanted preinstalled apps you can make your PC faster, uninstall free antivirus or media playback software that comes with the Windows 10 package.

Many of the pre-installed Windows Store software like 3D Builder can be only uninstalled by applying the standard method, some others are more inflexible but not completely irremovable. Windows preinstalled apps are little different from the other app, the stock Universal apps are packed as AppX packages that can be uninstalled from your computer.

Apply the below given steps to uninstall Default Apps of Windows 10 .

Step 1: Open the search box and search for the “PowerShell”, right-click the Windows PowerShell that appears on the search result and select Run as administrator from the context menu.step1

Note: It is necessary to know the name of app or package that you want to remove.

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Step 2: now you have to enter the following given command in PowerShell. This command will show all AppX packages and their names.

 Get-AppxPackage | ft Name, PackageFullName -AutoSize or Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers.step2

Step 3: After it, again you have to enter the following PowerShell command, but after modifying the text present between the * with a portion of the app’s package name:  Get-AppxPackage *PortionOfAppPackageName* | Remove-AppxPackage.

Example: To remove a package name XYZ, then the command should be: Get-AppxPackage *XYZ* | Remove-AppxPackage. With the complete package name, it will look like as: Get-AppxPackage MicrosoftXYZCollection | Remove-AppxPackage.Microsoft.Remove-pre-installed-apps-in-Windows-10

The above given command will help you to remove those applications that you unable to remove with the normal removal method. With the help of this you can remove apps like the Calendar, Mail, News, Travel, Sports, Money, Voice Recorder, Grove Music, Xbox, People and many other applications.

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