Top Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10

Error 651 in Windows 7We all know that why Windows operating systems are popular among the users, as this OS provides very user-friendly Operating System in the world. Millions of the computer users are using the same Windows OS on their PC or laptop to make their work easy.

But there is nothing perfect in this world, so this mind-blowing OS also has some issues. When Windows system start showing error messages then you will see that it affect the entire work and other activity of users over their computer system or laptop.           

In this blog, we will discuss the “How to Fix Error 651 or Error Code 651 in Windows 7/8.1/10?” This error is very irritating and many Windows users are suffering from this issue.

This issue appears while users tend to do any web/internet related task using the modem in bridge mode. Windows 7 and 8 users are commonly getting this errors, the issue arises when users try to connect via PPPoE connections. This error is equal or similar to Error code 6978 on Windows XP.

In some situations, this might not be a solemn trouble but sometimes the modem or router hangs down and here the main problem arises as you can’t use your internet connection via desktop Windows.

This issue may make you frustrated as they apt to pop up after a fixed time of interval and ask for a solution. You can’t solve this issue even after applying Windows diagnosis.

But don’t worry because this blog contains the complete information to solve this issue, simply apply the below-given solutions and get rid of this issue with ease.


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What are the Causes of Error 651?

Above we already have discussed Error 651, read the main reason given below:

  • Windows Registry Database Corruption
  • When a system file called raspppoe.sys gets misplaced or corrupt
  • IP Settings might be damaged or improper
  • Internet configuration is broken
  • Wrong Connection at broadband.
  • Disabled LAN card of the desktop
  • System driver is been damaged due to the virus attack on the system
  • Spyware may also interfere with the modem connection of the system.
  • Third party firewall application is blocking the connection.

Below few of the best solution to get rid of this error is given, apply them all and let us know which one solved your issue.


Power Cycle Modem and Router

In order to power cycle your Router, apply the below-given steps one by one.

  • First of all, shut down your computer and turn off Router, then turn down the modem
  • After it removes all the cable which are connected to computer, Modem or Router
  • At last, connect all of them and reboot your Windows computer

Repair Registry database and Remove Junk Registry Keys

Generally, the main reason behind Error Code 651 is bad registry files, a damaged or corrupt registry keys may generate this issue. So in order to repair damaged registry database, you should use the tool like Professional Registry Cleaner. This software is specially programmed to scan and repair damaged registry, system, dll files. This will also help you to deal with driver issues.


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Repair and Update raspppo.sys file

Another big reason behind this issue is a misplaced RAS PPPOE file, this is a system file present in Windows 7 driver. It is also known as raspppoe.sys. First, confirm that original file is available in its actual location or make a backup of it for future use. If not found this file, then apply the below-given solution:

  • Download raspppoe.sys file from online or you can also copy this file from any other healthy computer/laptop.
  • After it passed the file at a specific location, C:WindowsSystem32Drivers
  • At last, try to connect your modem once again and it is hoped that it should work fine

An easy trick to fix this problem

We discussed above that the problem is because of PPPoE connection which wasn’t well configured. So delete the old one and create a new connection.

  • Open control panel-> next Networks and Internet and choose view status and task
  • After it, choose “Set up a new connection or network”
  • Again choose “Connect to the Internet” and click on Next to create a new PPPoE connection
  • Enter any name for the connection, add username, password and IPS information

That’s all.


Disable Auto Tuning in Windows 7

By turning off the Auto Tuning Feature, in their respective Windows desktop, you may fix this problem.

  • An open command prompt with the administrator privileges
  • After it, enter the command C:WindowsSystem32Drivers
  • At last hit enter and the Auto, Tuning Feature will be disabled


Reinstall LAN Card drivers

First, uninstall the LAN card driver on your desktop and then again reinstall a fresh one to fix the Error 651 on the modem connection.

This reinstallation method will surely help you to fix the Error 651 and make the modem connection work proficiently.


Disable IPV6 from Windows 7 and 8

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) is one of the important parts of Windows Internet and modem. Try to disable the IPV6, sometimes this can solve this problem.

Go to the Control Panel from Start menu -> click on “Network and Sharing Center”-> Click on Properties and uncheck “Protocol Version 6” (TCP/IPV6) option

Create New Dialer and Reboot ADSL modem router

This solution might be the tiniest way to solve Error Code 651. Create a new dialer and delete the older dialer. Remove your dialer in the first place and then create a new one. After executing this process restart the ADSL modem router and connect your connection once again.

Reinstall LAN Card Drivers

This is the final solution, with the help device manager install drivers for your internet adopter. Apply the below-given steps to reinstall the LAN Card driver.

  • Open the Control Panel, click on ‘System and Security”
  • Choose “Security” and click on “Device Manager”
  • Search for the adopter, and click on “+” symbol and choose the network adapter
  • After it, right click and choose the properties and navigate to “Driver” tab
  • Click on the “Update Driver” button.

You can also repair or update your system drivers with the help of a professional Windows Driver Updater tool. This software is one of the best ways to repair Windows system related issues, like Driver Errors, outdated system driver, Windows dll errors, registry error and more.

Top Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10
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Top Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10
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