A Complete Tutorial To Fix Runtime Error R6034 in Windows 10,8.1, 8 and 7!

runtime error r6034

The Run-time error is directly related to the software or hardware devices of your system, once any hardware or software components of your system gets damaged then it prevents a specific program from running and throws runtime error R6034.

Once this error occurs then you will lose the information in the file where you are working on. This error also occurs because of the damaged file. If you are running two software programs that are not compatible, then your system will display a runtime error.

This type of error can also affect the system performance and makes them slow which are very irritating. Because of this error, you cannot operate your system properly as whenever you try to do anything then it will display runtime error.

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This runtime error can occur in all versions of Windows operating system but it mostly occurs in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista.

Runtime error r6034 appears with a detailed error message, “an application has made an attempt to load runtime library incorrectly, please contact the application supports team for more information”.

This error message is very critical and dangerous for your system, that’s why it is recommended to apply the given solutions carefully and fix runtime error as soon as possible.


When runtime error r6034 occurs?

There are many situations where you will face this error message such as whenever you try to open or update iTunes application then, you will get this error.

You may also face this runtime error r6034 when you try to open the visual studio or existing project or while creating a new project. In this case, the cause is directly related to the software.

And this error may appear while running any installed application or accessing hardware components. No matter how many times you will restart your system, as this error message may appear every time when you try to operate your system or execute any command.

Therefore you can say that this error generally occurs by application software related work that is not properly compiled by the system and generate this error.


How Runtime Error r6034 Error Occurs?

There are many reasons that can generate r6034 error message on Windows system. The main cause of this error message is the compiled issue generated while running an application and it throws the runtime error message on your computer screen.

This error also occurs due to virus and malware attack. If the system file gets damaged or missing from their location, then it may trigger this error message. It also occurs through hardware driver problem or hardware problem.

Some of its common issues are:

  • Software confliction
  • Damaged or incompatible Hardware
  • Malicious virus or malware infection
  • Windows registry errors
  • Outdated hardware devices
  • Outdated operating System


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How is Runtime Error r6034 harmful to you and your System?

The r6034 error is very irritating. If this error belongs to Microsoft visual studio then your Microsoft visual studio not works properly. This error is also very harmful to your current working data.

Sometimes, data loss situation may also appears as once it appears it block you from saving your If you are working with any data and this error occurs when there are chances of loss of data will increase? Therefore it is necessary to remove the r6034 error. Because of this error, your time is also losing to understand this error. It may be due to this error a big issue generates and your system data to be lost.


How to Fix Runtime Error r6034?

There are many methods through which you can remove runtime error r6034. First, when this error occurs in your system, restart your computer and press F8 before the windows logo appears. After that choose safe mode and then press enter.

After booting your system into safe mode, click on the start button and then type msconfig in the search box and press enter.

Then open the msconfig program and click on the selective startup on the general tab and after that hit on the load startup items.

Then hit on the services tab and click on hide all Microsoft services and then hit on disable all.

At last close the system and restart the computer. After restarting you can see the r6034 error will be removed.

If this process is not helpful then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. You can restore your computer earlier when you are getting r6034 error.

Steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to start button and then type system restore on the search text box and then hit on system restore.

Step 2: The system restore windows will open. Close all any other application or process.

Step 3: Select the restore point from when you are affected by this error and then click next.

Step 4: This process will take some time and will automatically restart your system.

After applying system restoring process, it is hoped that your system is now free from r6034 error. After it, there is no chance of appearing on this error message.

If your problem is not solved by the above-given methods, then you have to check your computer’s hardware parts.

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A Complete Tutorial To Fix Run time error R6034 in Windows 10,8.1, 8 and 7!
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