How to Use Microsoft Safety Scanner for Windows


Every computer can get infected by virus. You will be unaware and these viruses will start affecting your system. To keep your computer safe from these viruses you can use virus scanner from Microsoft which will help you to find if your windows computer has malware or not.

This article will help you to learn more about why people should scan their windows with the help of Microsoft Safety Scanner. And you will also know how to use It?

Virus Scanning

Maximum antivirus program will present real-time scanning not in a favor of malware plus the manual scans which users can use them. You can secure your files and the system with the help of real-time scanning, you can also observe the action in the background and it will automatically fix it or delete it any detected virus. In some of the antivirus you name of this feature is different it may be on-access scanning, background guard, resident shield, on-access scanning or auto-protection. The popular scanner which in demand, also called as a manual scanner, well those scanner can’t secure your system in real-time, but will help your system by finding malware in choosed places on the local hard-drives.

You should know that not all anti-virus program which has real time and are on –demand will not scan all kind of file addition and file formats by default. You don’t have idea about the latest virus or malware, so for that you need to arrange your anti-virus software to scan all files kind, additions and formats.

Microsoft presents a free unique virus scanner called Microsoft Safety Scanner. Now you will see in this article, how to use this scanner and what is it.

System Requirements and Usage

The scanner Microsoft Safety will run on computer with 32-bits or 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Vista or XP. To run this scanner you need to be the member of the Administrators group. It will help scanning computer no matter it starts in normal or safe mode.

If you download the tool it will expire after 10 days. And if you need its help again after some time, you can download the scanner again because it will have updated discovery signatures.

Features and Options

Microsoft Safety Scanner is good for 10 days only, if you want to use Microsoft Safety Scanner in the place of your anti-virus program which presents real-time security from harmful software. This unique tool by Microsoft is very demandable scanner that has the capacity to remove the identified malware in addition to the following features and options:

  • Virus, spyware and other capable not needed software can be scan and removed from computer.
  • There are different types of scan like quick scan, full scan or customized scan. No matter what type of scan it is, it will check at critical areas in windows where there are maximum chance to find malware, and it will also help to add or change your files and settings.
  • The Malware Safety Scanner and Microsoft Security Essential use the similar malware detection signatures and scan engine.
  • There is an option to scan any hard drives joined to the computer, removable or USB drive, such as local.
  • The scanner will help to remove the identified virus automatically from your system.
  • You can also see the list of identified malware and the action to remove the virus. It will you to see what is partially removed or removed.
  • Whole activity log of the tool can be finding in the debug folder of the main windows directory.
  • Identified doubtful files will be sent to Microsoft for more analysis. Well this process is optional that means it’s up to you to send the selected file to the vendor, but you should send the file to help improved future detections.
  • It can scan the computer in safe mode and normal mode no matter network is available or not.

On the downside, the options and features listed below are not available in Microsoft Safety Scanner:

  • Once scanning is started it can’t be pause, it can only be cancel.
  • Anti-malware signature of the tool can’t be update.
  • No option is available to right-click a folder or drive to scan with the help of free on-demand scanner.
  • This tool can’t scan networked computer.
  • Choosing action to take on identified virus, this type of option is not available.
  • It can’t help to remove damaged compressed or archived files.
  • You need to create a restore point before the use of virus scanner because restore point is not available during a malware removal using tool.

Using Microsoft Safety Scanner

For using this tool you don’t have to remove your present anti-virus security software from your system and no user interface is needed to remove the malware, apart from this identified malware is compressed. This tool is very easy and simple in use. Below there is an image (screenshot) of the scanning process and malware removal results.

To remove the partially removed virus forever from your system, check the msert.log file from the C:\Windows\debug folder. place the following line and manually remove the file mentioned:

Operation failed (code=0x8026), please use a full antivirus product ! !

You should be aware that on-demand scanner needs up to 1GB of memory mainly if it’s scanning huge and compressed files. In window’s the task manger will disclose two processes with same name (msert.exe) which is by design. Microsoft Support Emergency Response Tool is also the name of process.

If malware is running any active process then scanner will close it whiles the malware removal process. In the image (screenshots) below, you will find how the tool can efficiently remove active malware.


Microsoft is not just providing this free demandable virus scan for windows, but they also provide free malware removal.

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  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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