How to identify what startup programs are safe to disable?

Whenever you have look at the Task Manager, msconfig, Registry or at any other locations then it may become difficult for the programs that what they need to load or whatever they don’t need to. Here are some tips to identify the startup programs that let you determine whether you can load the program or not.

Tips: The general rule is to remove the startup programs which are the safest. Most of the programs start automatically because are used for monitoring the computer (for example the anti-virus). After disabling or removing any program it is then required to load during the startup, it will gets loaded until the programs are executed.

In order to determine which startup program you require you search them according to your file name and search the filename. If you know the filename then on the startup program search them.

If you are not able to identify the filename then follow the bellow mentioned steps in order to determine the filename which make use of Task Manager, msconfig, Registry in the newer version of Windows.

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  • Windows Registry
  • Windows Task Manager
  • msconfig- System Configuration

System Configuration – msconfig

Note: The startup program has moved to Task Manager from System Configuration in Microsoft Windows 8 and its newer version.

Then open the Windows System Configuration’s startup tab, you can open msconfig from the run or search line. Then after you come across the startup tab you need to find the file name which is under the Command column. There are many cases where you need to expand the size of the columns by taking the mouse on the column divider and then you need to click and drag the column until you can see the filename.


which startup programs are safe to disable

After expanding the Command column you will see the below command:

C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVCpl64.exe -s

Here is the example of “RAVCpl64.exe” file name and when you see the search and identify purpose of the program which is on the computer.

Tips: Almost all the startup program is the executable files which mean they have an .exe file extension. There are many startup program in the system configuration that contain the command switches such as “-s” or “/c”, these switches are also need to be included in the search.

Windows Registry

Please note that you need to make an improper change in the Registry which can cause many registry problems on the system.



Firstly you are required to open the Windows Registry which you can do by firstly opening the run or the search line and there you need to type the regedit command. This will open the registry then you need to browse to the path that is shown below.


You will see one or more program when you run the folder every time when the Windows starts up.

After expanding the Data column you will get the full file path value for the IntelliPoint in the above example.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center\ipoint.exe

This is an example of “ipoint.exe” which is a file name what you make use in searching and identifying what are the purpose of the program in a computer.

Tips: Here are list of programs which are executable which means they have .exe file extensions.

Windows Task Manager

In Microsoft Windows 8 it is possible that you can view the startup programs which start at the boot time of the computers as well as you can even enable and disable the startup programs, you just need to click on the name and click on the properties.


In the above example you will need to right click on the WhatPulse and then need to select its properties from the file name “whatpulse.exe”. Then you need to search the file name and then need to identify what are the purposes of that program on system.

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