How to fix Windows System32 errors?

System32 errors are one of the most annoying, irritating and most common and basic errors. I guess almost every computer users may have experienced the frustration of System32 errors. This error shows the message that your computer files are corrupt and you need to fix it.

Though there are various reasons due to which system32 error appears. If your system is also throwing this type of error message then don’t worry as you can easily remove and prevent System32 errors. Simply follow the below-given solutions one by one to deal with system 32 errors.


What is a system32 error?

System32 is very important part of the computer, one can relate it to just like as “brain is for human body” “System32 is for computer”. Once system32 folder gets misplaced then your computer will start throwing the error message.

Basically, system32 is placed under C:\ drive inside Windows system folders and it is hidden from users.

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System32 is being hidden from users for its protection. But if you are a professional computer user, then you might have experience or face the System32 errors on regular basis.


How and why Sstem32 errors occur?

As I mentioned that there are many different ways and causes that System32 errors occur and the popup messages displayed on your screen may be differ because the error messages shown is totally depends on the version of your  Windows operating system that your PC is using and what type of corrupt or damaged files your computer is handling with.


How to fix System32 errors

To fix System32 errors of your computer, then read below, here you can find few methods that will help you to fix System32 errors:

1 – First and most important step to fix your System32 errors is that you must reboot your computer. This is the easiest and best way to fix and remove system32 from computer. Reboot your computer and press the F8 button, during the process of booting and do that on the whole process until you are in the Boot menu. After the completion of booting process, select the boot using the last known best configuration option and by doing this your computer will then  automatically set up your computer by using the good configuration. It may remove the Sytem32 errors from your computer.

2 – But sometimes just simply rebooting your computer may not fix it from system32 errors. The second methods to get rid of Sytem32 errors use Windows recovery disk. You will find the Windows Recovery Disk in the setup that came up with your computer. To start the process inserts the Windows recovery disk and then start the process of reboot on your computer. You will get the prompt windows tab popped-up, select the recovery mode and then type the following command into the windows tab:

  • md tmp, copy C:\Windows\System32\configsystem
  • C:\Windows\tmp\system.bak
  • delete C:\Windows\System32\configsystem
  • copy C:\Windows\repairsystem
  • C:\Windowssystem32\configsystem

By following above command may fix your system32 errors in many cases.

3 – But any how if you persist system32 errors again, then you can take help of inbuilt utility of Windows operating system that is Windows System Repair tool. Running this utility will help you in fixing System32 errors. It will scan your whole computer and file system and entire list of System32 errors before it try to fix them. Windows System Repair Tool can also help in cleaning unwanted files and improving the speed of your system and it also delete and create your registry files. This method is effective and may fix system32 errors from your computer.

4 – Above mentioned methods can be used to fixed and solved System32 errors, but in many cases it doesn’t get rid of from your computer. Many users find it difficult they are unsure that they can fix the error by himself. At such points they find and hire computer technician or expert that may fix System32 errors. The computer experts helps in scan your computer and find the errors and look the way that is needed to fix the errors. One can find computer technicians locally or from computer stores or you can find them on computer repair stores and on yellow pages. They take fees to fix the computer errors and problems. This method is time consuming and there is no guarantee they will be able to fix them.

Tools we recommend

To fix the System32 errors from your computer you must use the third party professional tool. This method of removing computer error is recommended by computer experts and it is the most easiest and easy way to fix it and furthermore it is quickly fixes the error in few clicks as result you do not have to provide and waste your precious time. One of the professional third party tools that are used to detect and fix the System32 errors is PC removal tool. The tool uses Advance Error Detection Technology (AEDT) and identifies invalid, corrupt or damaged registry entries that give rise to System32 errors and fix it automatically and enhance the performance of your computer.

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  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
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  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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