How to Fix “A Component of the Operating System Has Expired” issue

A Component of the Operating System Has Expired
Are you suffering from “A component of the operating system has expired” message while installing Windows 10? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place, in this blog you will get the complete steps to repair “A component of the operating system has expired” message.

This happens because some of the Windows operating system builds comes with pre-defined ending date or expiry date. And so, Windows 10 Insider Preview builds stop booting after the expiry date. While installing OS computer date inside BIOS or UEFI setting is very necessary thing as the ISO/Setup seems for right date.

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Steps to Fix “A Component of the Operating System Has Expired” For Windows 10

Scenario 1: When you’re trying to install a build that has expired

In case you’re trying to install has been expired officially, then simply download the latest build from official website i.e. Microsoft‘s website.

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Step 1: Download Windows 10 Latest ISO

Step 2: Execute a clean installation via Windows 10 ISO file

Scenario 2: Unable to install latest build

If you are sure that the build you’re trying to install is latest, valid and genuine then make sure that your computer or laptop is error free. Make sure that computer’s date and time under BIOS/UEFI settings is correct or not. Apply the below given steps to do that:

Step 1: Restart your system and enter into the BIOS setup.

Sep 2: After it navigate to the, click File > Set System Date and Time.error2 copy

Step 3: In the “Set System Date and Time” window, check that the date is correct or not. Set the correct date and time there and save the change (Generally pressing F10 key save the changes).error3

Step 4: Now again click File > Save Changes And Exit.error4

Step 5: Your system will restart.error5

It is hope that after restart, you can now install Windows without any issue and error.

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