Fix 3194 iTunes error

How to fix iTunes error 3194

Cause of occurrence:

Error 3194 is experienced by the user at the time of updating or restoring the firmware on their respective devices. Usually this error is generated when iTunes is unable to communicate with the Apple’s server that’s responsible for the updates & restorations. But fixing error 3194 is easy and can be done using following steps:

Steps to fix the error:

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  • Open the iTunes application on your PC.file
  • Then click on help and go to check for updates from the menu bar.file
    • Then the iTunes will check for the latest version of update if available.
    • It will be notified on the screen if the update will be available then follow the prompts to update.file
  • After that click on the support link of Microsoft, that’s provided in sections and citation link present at bottom of article.
  • Then click on the button “Fix it”, supported on Microsoft landing page.file
  • When “file download” dialog box appears onto the screen then click on “Run”.file
  • Follow prompts as provided by “Fix it” wizard, then “Fix it” wizard will return your PC host-file back to default settings, that will solve 3194 error.filee
    • If the iTunes still experiences the 3194 error, then continue performing the remaining steps as below:fiile
  • Now open your Windows explorer and then go to c:\windows\System32\Drivers\Etc.fille
  • Then click onto file labeled as “host”.10
  • Then go to edit option on the menu bar and click on copy.
  • Again click on edit and select paste. Now you will see two host files in “Etc” folder.file
  • Choose the original host file and drag it on PC desktop and do the same with duplicate host file also i.e. select it and drag to the desktop.file
  • Open the duplicate host-file by doing right click.
  • To open the host file choose “notepad” as the base application when prompted.sille
  • Then select on notepad’s menu bar and select “select all”.
  • Again go to edit option and press
  • Then select save from the file option in menu bar of notepad.fil
  • Close the application i.e. notepad.
  • Now drag by selecting the host file back to folder “Etc”.
  • Rename the host file as “hosts” and enter.fil
  • And finally restart your computer.
  • And now try to restore or update your device using iTunes.fileThe error 3194 will no longer occur.

Note: If there is no entry for the host file “” and even after that you are getting the 3194 error then simply go to firewall setting and temporarily disable it or any anti-virus that’s present on your PC. Cause it’s very possible that they can prevent iTunes from connecting to the Apple server.

Errors apart from 3194 that can be fixed using same steps:

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