Tutorial to Delete Temporary Files Automatically after Every Boot in Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Delete Temporary Files Automatically

It is always important to free up the system memory by cleaning temporary files and recycle bin folder. There are already lots of methods are available to clean up the unnecessary files that are piling up in your Windows systems.

But doing this cleanup process every time can make you irritated and also need your precious time. If you want to cleanup TEMP files and RECYCLE BIN contents automatically then you are at the right place, in this blog you will learn several techniques to deal with TEMP files and RECYCLE BIN contents:

  1. Guide to Erase Temp Files Automatically at Every Startup
  2. How to use Storage Sense in Windows 10 to erase TEMP files and RECYCLE BIN Data?
  3. A Completely automatic tool to erase Windows 10 unnecessary files

So, let start discussing “How to delete Temp Files at every startup in Windows 10 automatically?”. In order to store temporary information, several temporary files are created by the Windows system which is also known as ‘.TMP’ files.

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These files are created and stored on the system drive (where your OS is installed, generally c drive), it stays in the system’s HDD until the user deletes it.

It is always suggested to delete all the temp files because if you ignore this situation then it can eventually reduce the performance of your computer or laptop. It is not only about the performance but it can also trigger several other system issues like app confliction, DLL errors and more…

So, it is important to delete recycle bin folder’s data and unwanted temporary files from Windows 10 system. Through this practice, you can help your system to maintain their performance and freeing up more storage area.




Steps to Delete Temp Files at Every Boot in Windows 10 Automatically

Now it is clear that by deleting those unwanted files you can help a PC/Laptop to perform better and save a lot of space for your storage. By using below given steps, your system will erase temp files automatically without doing anything or performing manual solution.

To automate deletion of the temp file follow the below steps carefully;

Step 1: First of all you need to open notepad. Go to the start menu and type notepad in the search box. Click on the notepad to open it. After opening Notepad you need to type the following lines:

rd %temp% /s /q

md %temp%


Step 2: Now, click on the File menu and choose Save option OR you can also press CTRL+S keys from your keyboard to save the file.


Step 3: While saving you will face, Save As dialog pop-up. In the “File Name” bar select the Enter the File Name as

%appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\cleantemp.bat

Step 5: At the last, click on the SAVE button to save this file, these steps will create a batch file and place it in the Startup folder.


The main task of this batch file is to free the temp folder by deleting all the temporary files. And the purpose of placing this file inside the startup folder is – As we know that all the data stored under startup folder gets executed automatically when the system starts.

Hence, when you will boot your system then the batch files get executed automatically and get rid of all the temp files without your concern.

But in case you want to stop this process and delete the batch file that you was created previously then you can do this task easily.

Simply copy paste the below-given path in Windows file explorer


%appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup


A window will appear along with your batch file, select them and delete.


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Using Storage Sense in Windows 10 to Delete Temp Files

With the help of Storage Sense option of Windows 10, you can automatically empty the recycle bin and clear temporary files. To do this follow the below-given steps

First of all, click on the Start button and choose Settings 

Click on the Storage option present on the left of the items list.

Now you will find Storage sense option on the right-hand side of your Window. Click on the ‘on’ button to enable this option.

Doing this will automatically free up space by getting rid of files you don’t need, like temporary files and content in your recycle bin.


In order to immediately delete all temporary files and clean your recycle bin, you need to click on the More storage settings, after it click on the Clean now.

Third Party Tool to Automatic Delete Unnecessary System Files

If you want to delete all of the unnecessary system files or junk files with the help of a third party tool then you should use a PC Cleaner Tool. Via this software, you can easily get rid of Windows junk files.

Simply, download, install and run this tool on your PC and this will automatically fix all of the issues present on your system. This tool is able to deal with DLL Errors, registry issues, driver issues, cleaning junk file and more..

Tutorial to Delete Temporary Files Automatically after Every Boot in Windows 10 PC/Laptop
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Tutorial to Delete Temporary Files Automatically after Every Boot in Windows 10 PC/Laptop
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