7 Useful Things New Laptop Owners Often Don’t Know

do this before using your new laptop

Have you just bought a new laptop and are very much detached by the latest elements and aspects of your nifty device? And well, are you seeking the aid of the Majestic Internet to help you get acquainted with it? You are no exception, and you have reached the right article.

There are many basic, and yet significant settings that just die unused if you haven’t been introduced to them. Therefore, here are 7 useful things about your laptop that a new laptop owner may not be aware of.

1- Dark Mode

More veterans are easily aware of this feature not only on the laptop but on other digital devices as well. The dark mode is one of the proportioned display settings provided with some stated benefits. It is mostly useful in the area of dim light in the surrounding area. The light and rays generated by the device automatically become drab and easy on the eyes.

The dark mode is essential in consuming less energy and hence saving battery compared to its alternative screen mode. It is also said that dark mode helps in lessening the strain produced on our eyes when using the said device. You can enable dark mode easily by going on Settings > Personalization > Colors.

2 – Less typing, more speaking

By evolving new modern technologies and aspects of devices, our effort to perform certain tasks gets minimized constantly. Lately, we are aware of the feature in most gadgets that allows you to dictate rather than type everything, functioning on speech recognition.

It is easily one of the most useful and basic factors in a laptop. Now you can concentrate on manually cleaning your laptop more and eliminate your manual labour to type stuff, every now and then. You can turn up the microphone of the laptop by simply clicking on the Windows key + H key.

3- Make your desktop more subtle

One of the primary goals of a fresh holder is to keep their widget safe and protected. If so, your cardinal and first goal should be to get your laptop insured. Before that be thorough with a few things you should know about laptop insurance. Then you can concentrate on customizing your laptop.

Making your desktop more deliberately handsome rather than clumsy and hustled is something every new owner of a laptop, or even a computer for that matter, craves. Here are 2 very basic yet helpful settings that you can assure to make it seem more subtle.

  • Hide the Taskbar

Be it a tablet, computer, or laptop, you can easily hide your taskbar for a more efficient look. The most obvious step to do so is by right-clicking on the taskbar and then clicking on the Taskbar Setting option. You will be provided with many options to choose from for your convenience. You can access the taskbar by moving your mouse to the bottom of the screen.

  • Hide the icons

Another way to make your screen look chaste is by hiding the icons. You can easily hide the icon and not have it deleted. It can be done by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting the view option, and then listing on the Show desktop icons. You can invert the process to show the icons on the screen.

  • Live Wallpaper

Moving or dynamic wallpapers are a simple yet fun feature every newbie should try. Mostly every popular operating system supports live wallpaper. It functions in a loop and is extremely trendy. You can dive into the already provided wallpaper or download live wallpaper for your system online as per your liking.

4 – Million things with Cortana

This is by far the most important feature you must be aware of if you have just bought a laptop. In layman’s explanation, Cortana is a Microsoft virtual assistant emblem in your laptop and functions in making your work easier. You can bluntly compare Cortana with the fellow Siri, google assistant, and even Alexa.

Cortana can answer your questions, set reminders for your convenience, pull up the search, destine meetings and remind you of the same, search the name of the song for you, open the web and every application, and you can ask them about the weather. It is available in various prominent languages and is supported by Windows 10 and 11 versions.

5 – Focus Assist helps focus

When you are presenting something, or are just amidst a very crucial gaming match and all of a sudden there are update notifications just scratching your screen, is it not the most pestilent thing?  One of the biggest pet peeves of many users is constant intrusion caused by notification pop-ups while using the device.

With updated Windows 11, it introduced the setting of Focus Assist in 2018, which was known as Quiet Hours in the Windows 10 version. Every newbie laptop owner must be and deserve to be aware of this feature. Focus Assist helps to avoid notifications when required. Mainly when the screen is shared, or is activated in full-screen mode. The simplest way to activate the feature is by going to Settings> System> Focus assist.

6 – Take a quick Screen Grab

Taking a screenshot is a very common feature provided in most engineered devices, be it a phone or a laptop. There have been many settings with extremely tiresome steps to enable a screenshot or a screen grab.

In the latest Windows 10 version, you are given a ‘Print Screen’ key on the keyboard itself, which went clicked, grabbing the entire screen as a copy. Alternatively, you can Shift + the Window key + S to take a screenshot of the screen.

7 – Allow a background narrator

One of the most useful features of modern laptops or computers is the automatically generated AI narrator. It is a commentator that verbally elaborates the text on the screen and interacts with what is presented. It also verbally announces the notifications that are shown. You can enable the narrator and disable it whenever you want.

If you have issues with your mouse or are concerned with eyesight, a background narrator is just what you require. You can enable the AI narrator by going to Setting> Ease of Access> Narrator.  You can use the same mentioned steps to disable the setting.

Final Words

If you have just bought a new device, here are 7 important and useful things about laptops that you might have been oblivious about. There are yet many features that can help you in many ways, so keep on learning and uncovering components of your gadget.