The Exquisite Rise of Genshin Impact – What’s the Future Plan?

Exquisite Rise of Genshin Impact

Despite being recently released, Genshin’s impact has taken the gaming industry by storm. It’s been only 5 months and this game has reportedly been downloaded 17 million times on Android phones alone which is mind-blowing. Fans are going crazy over this game while exploring the adventurous world of Tevyat.

Developed and published by a Chinese company miHoYo, Genshin Impact has made its way up to the top in no time. It was introduced on 28th September 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PS4, iOS, and Android. This game is also said to be released for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

 It is an anime-style action role-playing game and is free to play. It features a fantasy world and an action-based battle system. The characters possess elemental magic which is an attractive feature of this game.

This game is supposed to be played online and allows you to play multiplayer as well but only when you reach a certain level. The story of the game revolves around a fantasy world by the name of Tevyat that includes seven nations that are powered by different elements each and are ruled by a god.

The main character is a twin that is called Traveler who has travelled a lot of worlds. He is separated from the other twin because of some god in Tevyat. He is soon paired up with Paimon, an extremely adorable character, and they start their adventure to find the lost twin in the World of Tevyat.

If you want to avoid grinding and jump straight to the action, there are marketplaces for in-game goods and services, such as Eldorado, where you can buy a Genshin account for a relatively cheap price and avoid all the hassle.

Why is Genshin Impact so Popular?

The incredible rise of the Genshin Impact does not depend upon only one factor. A lot of elements were responsible for its immense success and we are really not sure how far it will go in the future. Let us discuss the factors that made Genshin Impact one of the best mobile games of all time.

1 – Free-to-Play

All super popular games have one thing in common, the free-to-play option. Anyone can download it and play it for free. The best part is that it can be downloaded on a mobile phone as well which makes it easier to access. The game offers in-app purchases as well but that is optional.

2 – Anime-Like Art Style

Genshin impact has an anime-like art style which is the most important factor in making it extremely popular amongst the fans. We all know how popular anime is all around the world and how far anime fans can go to get their hands on anything related to anime.

It was natural for anime fans to be attracted to a game that featured anime-like characters. The whole anime community went frenzy over the character design and started picking up their favourites. This game also offers a lot of fan service which anime fans live for.

3 – Easy Accessibility

There are indeed many games that offer easy access by being thee on different platforms. However, not all games perform well on all platforms. Genshin Impact on the other hand has proven this claim wrong and showed that it can give you the same experience on any platform you choose to play it.

This claim makes Genshin Impact stand out from the rest. You can enjoy the same quality on all the platforms which is just amazing. Being consistent in delivering high-quality results is something we all should appreciate.

4 – Likeable Characters

miHoYo knows very well how to reel people in with a set of highly addictive and attractive game characters. It has done its job amazingly well. Every character has its own particular personality that makes it different from the rest.

The super-interactive characters are very likeable because of their interesting personalities and will keep you hooked to them with the way they talk and do things.

The game utilizes the “Gacha” system that lets you spend money to unlock different characters or items. So, gamers are usually willing to spend money to get their hands on their favourite character.

Genshin Impact is not the first game that has used this kind of strategy. We have previously seen this in Fortnite and DOTA which are also super popular and stand proud amongst its competitors.

5 – Attractive and Appealing UI

There are not many games out there that offer UI that is easy to use and navigate. Gorshin Impact has done its job perfectly and offered a beautiful UI for its users. Everything in this game is visually appealing and highly addicting. The beautiful scenery, as well as character designs, are the things that attract anime fans the most.

6 – Exclusive Gacha System

For those who don’t know, “Gacha” is a term that originated from Japan and features some monetization schemes. Players in this game can obtain characters and weapons by utilizing fates for various banners.

They can also spend some money and buy characters through microtransactions. It is up to the player whether he/she wants to spend money to get certain characters. Otherwise, it is all a game of luck. The players randomly get characters without prior knowledge.

 7 – International Appeal 

Genshin Impact has a great International appeal that makes it the most loved game all around the world these days. miHoYo introduced this game in various regions of the world and it proved to be a huge success. China has succeeded in reaching a global audience which has given the Chinese developers a chance to widen their horizons and get positive exposure.

8 – Amazing Storyline

Apart from featuring attractive characters and beautiful artwork, Genshin impact also offers a unique storyline that keeps you coming back for more. The in-depth storyline that allows you to go through the back-story of each character is very interesting.

You can have 4 characters at a time and keep increasing their ranks by completing different missions. The missions in this game are very interesting and highly addicting. The story proceeds very smoothly and you would want to keep playing it again and again.

What’s The Future Plan?

Genshin Impact has already created such a huge impact in the world of RPG games even when it’s released recently. However, it does not just stop here. It all started at Jiao Tong University Alumni Association of Silicon Valley, Cai Haoyu the president of miHoYo, gave a speech and an idea that is unrivalled to this date. He revealed that he has some ambitious plans for the future of the Genshin Impact game.

According to Haoyu, he wants to “create a virtual world in which one billion people worldwide are willing to live” by 2030. His future plan is to release new products that will shake the world upside down every coming year. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Haoyu seems very confident in achieving this goal.

miHoYo also showed interest in releasing Genshin Impact for next-gen consoles which they will be announcing very soon. The team revealed that currently, they are not looking forward to releasing this game for Xbox for unknown reasons. The game will reveal a number of new characters and weapons with the latest updates as well. The fans should be ready for the new weapon and character banner which is coming out soon.

With such a large number of fans following all around the world, Genshin’s impact stands side by side with its competitors. The future for miHoYo also seems bright because of their goals and how confident their team in achieving them. We hope to see a lot of new updates, banners and characters we can obsess over in the near future.