[2023] 4 Ways to Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Corrupted SD cards can be such a pain because it indicates that you might lose the data somewhat or entirely. It is possible that your SD card is working properly one minute and the next minute it refuses to show the data.

This article will uncover 4 easy ways to recover your important files from a corrupted sd card without much hassle. Before that, understanding the process of identifying the corrupted card is paramount.

Part 1: How to Identify the Corrupted Sd Card on Mac?

There are some obvious signs which indicate an SD card is going to be corrupted and it won’t work in the near future. If you learn to read these signs, it is possible to recover from the loss.

Signs of a Corrupted SD Card:

●       SD cards cannot be detected

A telltale sign is that when you insert an SD card it doesn’t show up in the device. Usually, you wait for some time and reinsert the card. If it is your lucky day then you might be able to see the data on the card otherwise most often what happens is that card cannot be detected.

However, before losing all hope, please know that it doesn’t mean that your SD card is dead.

●       Unable to read/write

Another issue that is often faced is that you may not be able to read or write on the SD card. In a healthy SD, you should be able to transfer the files without any interruption.

●       Connection issues

The SD card doesn’t mount completely and you have to reinsert it again and again then you may have a connection problem.

●       Slow performance of an SD card

A corrupted SD card most of the time works slow and transferring data takes a lot of time.

Part 2: How to Recover Files from Corrupted SD card on Mac with/without Software?

If your card does appear in the Mac and data is not overwritten then you have a very good chance of recovering it. You can enhance your chances of data recovery by stopping the use of the SD card immediately as soon as you detect the problem.

Secondly, there is software built for this sole purpose that can be used without any hassle. This software are developed to restore all of the important data files from the corrupted sd card. One of them is Tenoreshare 4DDiG. This efficient software recovers the data in no time.

Fix 1: Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card on Mac with Tenorshare 4DDiG

Here is the way how you can recover Files from a Corrupted SD Card on Mac with a software – Tenorshare 4DDiG

Step 1:  Install the software and insert the corrupted sd card.

After installing the software, connect and select the sd card from which data needs to be recovered.

The next step is to scan your files.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Step 2: Scan the files

During the scanning of the sd card, Tenorshare 4DDiG immediately shows all the files. There are multiple options for viewing data. During scanning, you can stop it as soon as you spot the desired files.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

If you still have not identified the lost data then there is an option of the deep scan.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Step 3: Preview and recover

After spotting the lost data from the sd card, you can preview and save it to a secure location. Do not save it on the partition from where you have already lost it.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Following these steps, you can successfully restore an SD card on Mac.


  • Tenorshare 4DDiG helps you recover files that are accidentally deleted from the recycle bin.
  • You may have accidentally formatted the external storage devices. Tenorshare 4DDiG can recover formatted SD cards on Mac
  • One of the best features of this software is that it can recover data from corrupted external devices
  • Have you crashed your computer? No need to worry about the loss of data as it can be recovered with this software
  • It also helps to recover the data from RAW files
  • It also recovers the data from the lost partitions on the device

Fix 2: Restore SD Card Files by Find them on Mac

1. Try to find the lost files on the Mac

A good thing about the Mac computer is that it doesn’t immediately delete the deleted items from the device. These deleted files go to the Trash folder. Trash folders keep saving these files until you personally delete them.


Go to the trash folder.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac


Select the desired files that need to be saved and put them back.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Fix 3: Restore Files from Corrupted SD Card from Mac Time Machine Backup

Every Mac device has a backup application called a time machine which can be used to recover the lost data. Try finding your corrupted data on the Time machine.

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card Mac

Fix 4: Go to the SD Card Recovery Store Nearby

After trying all these methods, if you’re still unable to recover the data then consider taking the help of the professionals.

Part 3: How to Keep Away from Data Loss from Corrupted SD Card

Here are some bonus tips that you should be minding while using the SD card

  • Be extra careful while inserting and detaching it from the Mac
  • If you don’t want to corrupt your SD card then stop using it on random devices and computers
  • Before removing it from the device, make sure all the data is transferred completely
  • Do not turn off the device while the SD card is attached to it


SD card corruption is a very common problem and there are several ways to recover the data from the card. You can try the methods which are without the software. However, we suggest you use the data recovery software which is developed for this sole purpose and therefore, is quite effective.