How to Recover Corrupted PDF Files?

It is possible to recover a PDF file if it was corrupted. There are three main methods you can use to do this. These are manual methods, official OS Windows software tools, and Adobe instruments. There is also one more popular program that stands out – this is the RecoveryToolbox for PDF. Let’s look closely at each method of the PDF repair function.

recover deleted PDF files

Three Manual Ways to Recover Deleted PDF files

1 – Restoring from a Recycle Bin

Recovering a deleted file via Windows recycle bin is the first method anyone should try. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the recycle bin – it is usually located on the desktop.
  • Use the Windows search tool to find the needed file.
  • Right-click on the file that you want to restore – you can also drag it on the desktop.

recover deleted PDF files

Open the file if it has not been corrupted. This is the simplest method anyone should try. But if the file has been corrupted, you will have to use special software to repair the PDF file.

2 – Use a backup file

If the file is important, a user usually creates a backup file on other devices. It is very important to update this file but even an early version would be extremely helpful. If the data is deleted or corrupted, all you have to do is to retrieve the same file from another device and use it again.

recover deleted PDF files

This method is obvious and even trivial for the readers of this article but we just want to remind them how important it is to create a backup file and store it on USB or other external devices. Today, every one of us is relying on digital information and files should be protected.

3 – Data Recovery Software

You can use software like Disk Drill or Fonelabs to restore the file. In most cases, such programs are very intuitive and easy to use. You can exploit those tools if the recycle bin has been emptied intentionally or the files have been deleted automatically. In most cases, you would be able to open restored PDF files but sometimes you will have to restore the corrupted files. This type of software can have both functions – for restoring the deleted files and restoring the corrupted files.

Just pick the first program you have found during the Google search, install it and give it a try.

Recovering a corrupted PDF file using the Windows tools

Searching for Temporary Files

The temporary file is a copy of any downloaded or opened file that is created temporarily while the program is running. Those files would not be deleted if the OS has been shut down by pressing a reset button or as a result of a system error.

recover deleted PDF files

These files have the .tmp extension. You find those files and use them in a normal way by opening them. Followthesesimplestepstolocatethosefiles:

  • Press the Start button – it is usually located in the lower-left corner of your desktop.
  • Use the search files tools – just press Start and start typing the name of the file and adding the .tmp at the end of it.
  • You can also search the files manually by opening the Temporary Files folder – just scroll and watch the needed file.
  • After you have found the needed file, drag it on your desktop and try opening it.

This method is relatively unreliable because such files could be corrupted if the OS has not been shut down in a normal way.

Recovering backup files

Creating a backup file is one of the main Windows functions. It means that Windows OS makes a copy of almost every file and stores it in a special folder so that every user will be able to use those files if something goes wrong with the original.

Push the start button and open a search tool. Then you should search for a backup file by typing the exact name of this file. Click to Restore the file and try to open it. In most cases, you will be able to use this file in a normal way if it has not been corrupted.

Can Adobe Company help you to recover the file?

In fact, this company can’t help you to recover the corrupted file on the computer if it has been damaged or deleted. If you go to the official site, they will only provide general advice on how to deal with the problem. Thesearethesteps they offer for every user:

  1. Install or reinstall the program on your computer.
  2. Set the program as the default tool to open every file of the needed extension.
  3. Update the program.
  4. Repair the program if it hasn’t been working in the correct way.

They will also suggest contacting the team but this method is hardly the easiest one because they will surely suggest the same steps that have been listed above.

But you can still use one method that might help you to save the text data. You can try to open the file via the Windows Notepad tool. If you managed to do that, just copy the text to the Word document and save it. Then you can convert it to the needed format. But you will not be able to save the pictures and other graphic data if you are opening the file via the Notepad tool.

Recovery Toolbox for PDF – a reliable tool

This program can be used as a last resort or as a first option. The company offers a DEMO version and that means that you will be able to recover the file for free.recover deleted PDF files

The main function of this software is to open the corrupted and deleted files and it is super effective. It doesn’t matter if you have failed to open the file using other software tools – Recovery Toolbox for PDF is the real deal. But the main disadvantage is the fact that after the DEMO version is over, you will have to pay for a license to use this tool.

To recover the file, you will need to install the program. Open it and look at the main screen – the program will suggest you choose a corrupted file (1). Then it will analyze it and open it– you can save this version once again and it will be no longer corrupted (2,3). If the file has been deleted, you will have to find and restore it using the methods we have described earlier.

Here are steps to recover a corrupted PDF file using the offline version:

1recover deleted PDF files

2.recover deleted PDF files

3. recover deleted PDF files

4. Final step

recover deleted PDF files


recover deleted PDF files

You can upload your file to, wait a bit, preview what was recovered and then pay for it.

We hope that the provided tools and methods will help you to solve the problem. Start with the free manual methods and then try using the special software. Surely, there is a way to restore the PDF file to its original state so that you can use it once again.