9 Fixes To Resolve HBO Max Crashing On Roku

Fixes To Resolve HBO Max Crashing On Roku

Does your HBO Max crashing on Roku? Many users like you found complaining about the sudden crashing of their HBO Max App on Roku devices.

If you getting bugged with the same issue then this guide will surely gonna help you out to fix the problem completely.

Many users managed to fix HBO Max crashing problem by restarting the Roku Device a couple of times or updating the HBO with the latest update.

In this article, we have compiled a list of possible solutions that worked for many affected users to get past the problem but before heading straight to the fixes it is important to understand what is causing the HBO Max keeps crashing problem.

Why is HBO Max Crashing on Roku?

  1. HBO Max Servers – If the HBO max server are down currently then this is what causes the crashing problem. So, check the serves are online or currently down by visiting the website Downdetector and check the status
  2. Corrupted Files – Sometimes while installing the app some of the files gets corrupted and start causing issues at the time you run it. In this case, reinstalling the HBO max app on Roku may work for you.
  3. Unstable Network – Unstable or poor internet connection can also result in the app crashing problem. So, is important your internet connection is working properly, try running different services like YouTube to check the speed of the internet or contact your ISP to fix internet issues.
  4. Check for the VPN connection – In many cases, if you are connected through a VPN then this can be a culprit causing the problem. Some VPN services won’t work well and negatively impact network performance. So, switching to another VPN service might work for you.

Now as you are familiar with the common culprits make sure to follow the fixes given one by one.

How To Fix HBO Max Crashing On Roku?

Fix 1 – Restart Your Roku Device

To fix the HBO Max crashing, lagging or freezing problem let’s start with some simple methods of restarting your Roku device.

For this, you need to completely turn off the Roku device. After that wait for 1 to 2 minutes and then power on.

restart HBO app

Check whether the problem is solved in your case, if not then head to the next potential fix.

Fix 2 – Re-Log Into the HBO App

Another option that you must try is to log out of the HBO Max app from Roku devices.

After complete logging out waits for 2 to 3 minutes and then re-login into the HBO Max app on the Roku device. Check whether it can fix the underlying problem or not.

Fix 3 – Proper Loading Of Page

Even HBO max support team also suggests its user wait for some time at the time of loading the home screen page. Until and unless the whole page gets loaded you are strictly recommended not to use the HBO Max App.

Fix 4 – Use The Roku Search Feature

If your HBO Max not working On Roku due to a crashing problem then you can browse for the desired HBO Max content through Roku Search functionality.

After that, play your desired content from search results. The app will show a confirmation message about the user who is currently live, make sure to choose the desired user profile and after this, your content will get played without any trouble.

Fix 5 – Check Your Internet Connection

Just because of unstable internet many issues start rising in the HBO Max app out of which crashing or freezing is the most common one.

Thus it’s very important to check the status of the internet connection and download speed through the Roku device. Follow the below-given steps to perform this task:

  1. On your Roku remote hit the Home button
  2. Go to the Settings tab and hit the Network option.
  3. Choose the option of ‘Check Connection’.

If the connection gets established then it means there are no internet issues on the Roku device.

The second thing you have to check is the download speed or signal strength. You can find this option in the ‘Network’ menu, present under ‘About’.

The fact is in order to stream the HD content HBO Max at least requires 5MB/s. if the speed is lesser than 5MB/s then streaming will get paused or everything fails to get load or crashes in between.

Fix 6 – Not Having Enough Space

With the installation of new channels on the Roku devices free space quickly gets captured. This is because channels frequently save individual temp files for all your stored data.

There is no possibility to know how much free space is available on Roku but you have the option to clear it out.

So behind the HBO Max channel crashing on Roku reason can be your limited storage space. Thus it gets important to delete the unused channels or just clear out some temporary data files from the entire channels.

Follow the given steps to delete all unused channels from HBO Max:

  •  On your Roku remote hit the Home button.
  •  To open the Channel Store just choose the Streaming Channels.

Clear Cache Memory of HBO app

  • Search and choose a channel that you want to delete.
  • After that hit the ‘Remove Channel’ option.

Clear Cache Memory of HBO app

After complete removal of the HBO Max app from the Roku device, visit the Channel Store and make re-installation of the app.

Fix 7 – Use A Second Device

If your HBO Max keeps crashing after few seconds of preview watching then you should use another device to watch the content for 1 or 2 minutes.

After that resumed content can be played from the Roku device. Content can be played from the point where it was stopped and won’t face any streaming glitches.

Fix 8 – Download Latest HBO Update

HBO app time to time releases software update for better performance and to fix the underlying issues. So, download the HBO update to get rid of the HBO Max crashes on Roku.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for updating the HBO max app.:

  • On your Roku remote hit, the Home Now from the Settings options hit the System > System update and then check now button.
  • If any update is available then download and install it.

HBO Update

Fix 9 – Re-Install HBO Max

Sometimes due to corrupted HBO Max app data, you start encountering issues like crashing, freezing lagging and sometimes the app stops working starts occurring. The only way to fix this issue is to uninstall the HBO Max app completely from the Roku device.

After that, reinstall the HBO Max app again to make a new start of everything in a fresh environment.

  • On the home screen, choose the HBO Max channel option, and then from your remote press the Asterisk button.
  • Choose the option of Remove Channel and then follow the on-screen instruction for the confirmation of this task.
  • After that restart the Roku device and then browse for HBO Max within the Channel Store.
  • At last, hit the Add Channel option to get sign-in to the account of HBO Max.


Now that you know how to troubleshoot HBO Max crashing on Roku device

I hope you liked this article and it helped you in solving all your queries. So choose any of them and enjoy the HBO Max app on Roku.

Don’t forget to share your personal opinion regarding the solution listed above for fixing the HBO Max app crashing on Roku.

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Good luck with the fixes…!