Guide: How to Solve VPN Connection Problems

how to fix VPN problems

Thanks to the upgrade of modern technologies, users have already connected several services with just one installation of the program, plugin, extension. This is convenient because the person does not need to go into technical details. But errors continue to appear for various reasons, and in such situations, users often do not know what to do with VPN, how to fix VPN problems and set up a connection.

First, you need to understand what VPN for windows is and how it works. The acronym hides the concept of a “virtual private network” superimposed on top of the Internet. When connecting to a private network, the user connects to the resource not directly but through a specially dedicated remote server. In short, everything VeePN for Windows does is replace your original IP address and, accordingly, the displayed location, and also provides additional traffic protection.

This service is required for PC users and devices on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Everything that a VPN does on the phone is the same as on a personal computer. All you need to do is download the VPN mobile app. Now let’s move on to instructions on how to deal with various problems.

I Can’t Connect to your VPN Server: What Should I Do?

Please follow the below VPN troubleshooting steps if you are unable to connect to the VeePN server:

  1. Close the app or sign out of your account, then sign in again.
  2. Check that the VeePN server is not interfered with by other programs or applications. For example, if you download firewalls, antiviruses, battery savers, device cleaning programs, you may have problems connecting to the VPN.
  3. Try to use a protocol other than the automatically configured one from the list. To do this, go to the Settings menu and find the protocols that our server supports.
  4. Uninstall VeePN and reinstall it, then try logging into your account.
  5. Perhaps the problem may be in the gadgets themselves. Try connecting another device to the server. If another device is actively connecting, then there may be problems with your device.

Internet Connection Speed Drops when Connecting to VPN: What to Do?

Everything is straightforward. If you connect to the VPN, then all requests come from another country. Sometimes the distance between you can be too great. With a normal connection, you go to the site without a VPN. The Internet, in turn, works stably. If you use a VPN, go to the site, then, accordingly, there is more load on the Internet System. Take a look at the schema, for example:

Whichever service you use, the Internet will be slower anyway. Free services work worse because they are overloaded. Our service works in excellent mode, as the specialists monitor the work. Therefore, using our server, you may have minor changes in Internet traffic, but at the same time, the pages will open steadily. If you used our server’s free trial, you probably noticed the difference between paid and free VPN.

If you notice severe jumps in the fall of the Internet, then we advise you to take a few steps:

  1. Try to connect to the server closest to your country and with a strong signal. You can also switch servers and find the one that works best. Many of them are on the list, and the main thing is to choose the most optimal one.
  2. Use the different protocols on our list. If you want to change the auto-configured protocol, then go to the Settings menu, find VPN Protocol, and select any from the list. Connect different ones to make sure which one works best for your device.

I Have a 408 Error at Windows: What Should I Do?

If you are using our application to connect to the VPN, then you need to make sure that you install the latest version. If, when installing the latest version, you find a 408 bug, then follow the instructions to fix the problems. You only need five minutes to troubleshoot the VPN connection, so don’t panic:

  • Check if you have installed the new version of VeePN or VPN software for pc. If you find that you are using the old version, follow the link and install the latest version.
  • Then turn off the firewall. To do this, go to the Control Panel and find the Start menu. In this tab, click the Search Windows Firewall and follow the instructions. The next step is to add VeePN to exceptions. Find the tab with the relevant content, add the VeePN program, and click OK to agree.
  • Open the VeePN window, then use the Ctrl + Alt + Delete action to open the Task Manager panel.

how to fix VPN problems

  • You are almost done. You are required to complete the process. To do this, you need to open the VeePN Client panel and select the End task function from the list.

how to fix VPN problems

  • You can also use a different path. Open the Task Manager panel, find the VeePNService program, and select the Stop function.
  • The last step remains. Open the VeePN program, sign in to your account. That’s all. You have completed the task and fixed the 404 issues.

How to Watch Netflix with a VPN?

It depends on the VPN service provider you choose. Although Netflix can be watched online in over 100 countries worldwide, the broadcasts and movies vary from country to country due to licensing agreements. However, a good VPN can help. To do this, you need a VPN download for PC, which our service offers.

Netflix and other platforms like Hulu and BBC iPlayer restrict users’ access based on their location, which they determine by their IP address. To avoid blocking and watch Netflix shows that are only available in a particular country, you need to connect to a server located in that country. There are many servers on our list that give you access to Netflix. With our server, you can avoid many other locks.

Unable to Reach Locations Outside of the VPN server What Should I Do?

It is also a common problem that prevents the user from accessing the network outside of the VPN server connection. This happens when the user is denied access to the entire network. To fix this, follow these steps:

Access the Routing and Remote Console and open the VPN server properties. Make sure the “Enable IP Routing” checkbox is checked on the IP tab. All VPN and RAS users would have access to the network. If this box is not set, users will only access the VPN connection and nothing above that.

When a DHCP server is used to allocate IP addresses that are already in use, it will be identified, and the specified user will be denied access to the network.

Can’t Create a Tunnel: What Should I Do?

If there are problems when establishing a tunnel between the user and the server, it can prevent two things. First, the routers involved in the operation may be filtering IP packets.

If so, double-check the servers, i.e., the routers, for IP packet filters. It could also be related to the proxy that sits between the user and the server. Packages travel from the proxy server instead of the user.