Fix System Restore Failed Error 0x800700b7 In Windows 10

Windows 10 System Restore Error 0x800700b7

Summary: If you are not able to restore your system and backups your data files, and getting System Restore failed error 0x800700b7, then this article is for you only. This guide contains step-by-step instructions to fix the error 0x800700b7 on your Windows 10 computer. So read this article till the end to resolve this issue easily.

Windows backup and restore service is one of the important features provided by the Windows Operating systems. Via this feature one can backups their data files regularly and restore when needed.

But sometime this advance feature starts showing an error message while trying to restore the system. And, System Restore failed error 0x800700b7 is one of them. This error 0x800700b7 can appear when you try to create a backup of your data via Windows backup and restore services.

This error affects the entire backup and system restore process. And, due to this issue, one cannot restore their data.  There are lots of internal and external factors that can trigger error code 0x800700b7 while trying to backup system files. So firstly, check out the factors responsible for System Restore failure.

Reasons For Getting Windows 10 Error Code 0x800700b7

Here are some of the major causes that interrupt the System Restore process on Windows 10 computer:

  • Third-party antivirus/antimalware program installed on your computer is conflicting with the System Restore process.
  • This issue can also generate because of the registry key conflict.
  • Corrupted or damaged system files or malware-infected files can also cause this error.
  • If you have shut down the computer in the wrong way then also this error can appear on your computer.
  • Due to failed/incomplete of the program

So, in order to get rid of this issue, it is required to eliminate all of the causes that can generate a System Restore error in the Windows 10 system. If you are also unable to backup and restore the system because of error 0x800700b7, then don’t worry.

You can easily solve this issue without calling any professional or expert. All you need to do is, simply read this entire article carefully and apply the given instructions.

How Can You Fix Windows 10 System Restore Error 0x800700b7?

1: Perform System Restore In The Safe Mode

If System Restore is not working normally on the computer, then you can try to do it in the Safe Mode. Performing tasks in the Safe Mode often troubleshoot various Windows issues, and it might work for you as well to fix the System Restore error 0x800700b7

If System Restore works in the Safe Mode, then restore your computer to the older System Restore point when it was working fine.

Here is a quick guide on how to restore computer in the safe mode:

  • Go to the Windows Start button
  • Click on the Power button
  • Hold down the Shift key, and meanwhile click on the Restart option
  • Now Windows will restart, and you will get an Advanced Startup Options screen
  • Select the Troubleshoot option

fix the error 0x800700b7

  • Now click on the Advanced Options 

Advanced options

  • Select Startup Settings

System Restore failed error 0x800700b7

  • Click on the Restart button to restart your computer 

error 0x800700b7

  • Press 4 key to start your computer in the Safe Mode
  • Press Windows + R key to open the Run dialog box
  • Type rstrui.exe in the box and click on the OK button to open System Restore window

System Restore failed

  • Select Choose a different restore point and click on the Next button

Restore System Files

  • Now select that System Restore Point which was working fine and then clicks on the Next button

Restore Windows 10 get failed

  • Click on the Finish button

2: Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software

Sometimes, third-party antivirus software blocks some processes to take place. And chances are it might be blocking the System Restore process on your computer and throwing the error code 0x800700b7.

Therefore, disable the antivirus on your computer and try to restore your Windows. If it is working now, then it’s fine. But if not, then uninstall the third-party antivirus from your computer.

To uninstall the antivirus from your computer, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I key to open the Windows Settings
  • Click on the Apps

error code 0x800700b7

  • In the Apps & Features window, search for the third-party antivirus installed on your computer and click on it
  • Click on the Uninstall button

resolve error code 0x800700b7

  • You will prompt a window to confirm to uninstall the app, click on the Uninstall button

After uninstalling the antivirus restart your computer. Now check if this method helped you to fix the System Restore failed error 0x800700b7 on Windows 10 computer.

3: Run Windows System File Checker

In some cases, System Restore error 0x800700b7 occurs due to the corrupted or damaged Windows system files. Hence, to fix the error code 0x800700b7 on your Windows 10 computer, you need to repair these corrupted system files. And to do this, you can use the Windows inbuilt utility SFC

SFC will scan your computer and fix all damaged and corrupted system files. To run the SFC on your computer, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Windows Search box and type cmd
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key to open the Command Prompt in the Admin mode

Run SFC to fix error 0x800700b7

  • Now you will prompt a User Account Control window, click on the Yes button to open the Command Prompt
  • In the Command Prompt, type the given command and press the Enter key:

sfc /scannow

System restore issues on Windows 10

  • Now SFC will scan your entire computer and will fix all the corrupted files. This process will take some time, so stay on the window.

Restart your computer after finishing the process. Now, try to perform the System Restore and check if the error is fixed or not. If not, then try out the next solution.

4: Run Check Disk Utility to Fix System Restore Error 0x800700b7

If SFC didn’t get the work done, then run the Check Disk utility to fix the Windows 10 System Restore failed error 0x800700b7. It is also a Windows inbuilt tool that fixes the corrupted/damaged system files.

To run the Check Disk tool on your computer, follow these steps: 

  • Open the File Explorer
  • Go to the This PC 
  • Right-click on the drive and select Properties

Check Disk Utility

  • Now, go to the Tools tab

System Restore error in the Windows 10 system

  • Click on the Check button

How Can You Fix Windows 10 System Restore Error 0x800700b7

  • Click on the Scan Drive option

scan drive to fix system restore error

  • Now it will scan that drive to check error and will fix all corrupted files.
  • Lastly, restart your computer

5: Delete The Task Cache From Registry 

Many of the affected users have reported that they successfully resolved the System Restore error 0x800700b7 by deleting the Task Cache from the registry. Therefore, you can also try this method to fix this System Restore failed issue on Windows 10 computer.

To do this, follow the given below instructions:

  • Press Windows + R key to open the Run box
  • Type regedit in the Run dialog box and click on the OK button to open the Registry Editor

fix the System Restore error 0x800700b7

  • In Registry Editor, navigate to the given path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache

  • Next, take a backup of the TaskCache key using the following steps:
    • Right-click on the TaskCache
    • Select Export

error code 0x800700b7 on Windows 10

    • Enter the title of the backup file
    • Select folder where you want to keep this file and click on the Save button
  • Now, in the Registry Editor navigate to the given path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Windows

  • Right-click on the Windows and select Delete option

resolve Windows 10 error 0x800700b7

  • Lastly, click on the Yes button.

After performing all the above steps, restart your computer. This solution should have resolved the 0x800700b7 error code on your Windows 10 PC.

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As we know System Restore is a very useful feature of Windows computers, which helps you to recover from any data loss in the future. Therefore, it becomes crucial to fix System Restore error 0x800700b7.

And, that’s why I have listed down some of the best working solutions that one can use to resolve this issue on their Windows 10 computers.

As these solutions are already tried out by the affected users, hence, will work for you as well to fix this System Restore error. Also, these solutions are easy to execute and can be performed by anyone.

Now it’s your turn! Please let us know which solution helped you to fix this issue or if you have any suggestions then write it to us on – Facebook or Twitter.