Best DVD Copy Software – DVDFab DVD Copy

Best DVD Copy Software

Summary: DVDFab DVD Copy is useful for quickly and easily bypassing such safeguards. This means that home DVD backup will work and be feasible. Moreover, you can copy the discs as many times as you like.

A DVD Copier is a program that can copy DVDs and Blu-rays onto your computer in a different file format, usually ISO. It’s a tool for copying the audio and video from DVDs to other formats for editing or backing up the DVDs. It also facilitates converting a DVD video for use on various mobile devices and other media players.

DVD copy software allows you to instantly recover and update data from virtually any music database, including track listings, artist biographies, album covers, and more. You can also view the DVDs in a variety of formats.

DVDFab DVD Copy – The Best DVD Copy Software

Best DVD Copy Software

Commercial DVDs all include copy protection to stop people from making illegal copies. You have to remove these protections like DADC, RC, APS, CSS, etc. before making copies of legally obtained discs.

DVDFab DVD Copy is useful for quickly and easily bypassing such safeguards. This means that home DVD backup will work and be feasible. Moreover, you can copy the discs as many times as you like.


  • Support Recently Created Secure Discs

DVDFab’s exclusive Cloud Decryption Service makes it possible to rapidly and easily unlock encrypted DVDs purchased online. So, with DVDFab DVD Copying Software, you can play your brand-new discs in as little as 5-10 seconds.

  • Lossless Playback Backup to DVD-9

DVD-9 video and audio can be copied frame for frame without degrading quality. The finished copies can be played without issues on any media server or software like PlayerFab in the home.

  • Create a DVD-5 from Any DVD

If you need to save space, a DVD-9 may be compressed to a DVD-5. As the most reliable free DVD copy software, DVDFab DVD Copy makes it possible to watch any DVD-5 disc on a standalone home player, no matter how compressed it may be. This excellent DVD Copy software makes duplicating DVDs considerably less hassle than ever.

  • DVD Copy with 6 Copy Modes

DVDFab DVD Copy provides several flexible choices for copying DVDs to DVDs using a wide range of copy modes.

Choose from Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split, or Customize to copy a disc exactly as you want. The various copy modes each have a unique purpose in ensuring reliable backups. Start immediately with our top-notch free DVD cloner to safeguard your valuable libraries.

  • A Free, High-Speed Method to Copy Multiple DVDs

DVDFab DVD Duplicate is the best software for copying DVDs since it allows you to copy several DVDs simultaneously, whether on the DVD disc or ISO file. DVDFab allows you to put all of your backup DVDs in a file and run them automatically. It will be helpful for you to save time for other important things.

When copying a DVD, how long does it typically take? DVDFab guarantees blazingly fast burning times. When making a DVD copy, the speed at which the copy is written will be determined by the optical drive you choose.

Once you’ve copied the DVD to an ISO file or folder, the entire DVD copy process should only take about six minutes to finish.

  • Make it possible to generate .nfo files and metadata

DVD source is where DVDFab unique Meta Info function really shines. The source’s metadata will be automatically updated on the server. Look up the film’s title, main actors, and poster.

Meanwhile, the .nfo file will be generated automatically, allowing media players like Player Fab and Kodi to see all of the source’s meta information.

How to copy a DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy?

Step 1: Run DVDFab 12 by double-clicking its icon and selecting the Copy menu item. Place your DVD in the drive or use the Add button to find the DVD you want to copy. To add a source, drag and drop the ISO file or folder containing the source files onto the main page.

Best DVD Copy Software

Step 2: If you need to copy something, go to the left pane and select the Copy option. Select the final DVD size (DVD-9 or DVD-5). Your DVD can be cloned or burned if the mode you selected was not the lossless mode. The volume label can be customized alongside other copy settings.

Step 3: At the end of the window, you’ll be prompted to choose an output directory, such as a blank disc, ISO file, or folder.

Best DVD Copy Software

Step 4: If you want to begin copying a DVD, press the Start button. DVDFab can replicate DVDs at fast speeds without sacrificing quality. Multiple options are available to you at the end of the procedure, including a complete shutdown, hibernation, program exit, or no action at all.

Best DVD Copy Software

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I make a DVD copy without breaking the law?

In this case, your local rules will determine the answer. However, making copies or creating your own DVDs for home use is not a problem.

2: Is it risky to use a DVDFab DVD Copy?

Yes, when using DVDFab DVD Copy, you will be sure that you are using a clean and secure program. Do not worry about security because it does not have spam or malware and safeguards the privacy of its users.

3: Can DVDFab decrypt protected movies?

True, DVDFab can bypass virtually all DVD protections, including RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, RipGuard, and Fake Playlist (99 titles). As a result, you can play the DVDFab backup DVDs wherever you want.


If you are also looking for the best copy software, this blog post will greatly help you. DVDFab DVD Copy is the best program.

This feature-rich software is free to use and delivers the best output. We also discussed how to copy a DVD to my computer. So, there is no need to go here and there to find any other tool. Just move forward and try this software.