Windows 7 itunes error msvcr80.dll missing

There are many ways in which you can get msvcr80.dll errors on your computer. Here are some of the common ways in which you may encounter to msvcr80.dll errors:

• “Msvcr80.dll Not Found”

• “Cannot find [PATH]\msvcr80.dll”

• “The file msvcr80.dll is missing.”

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• “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: msvcr80.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.”
• “This application failed to start because msvcr80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

• “APSDaemon.exe – System Error – MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer.”

These Msvcr80.dll error messages that appears while using or installing certain programs, then windows starts or shuts down during the Windows installation process.
The context of the msvcr80.dll is the most important piece of information for solving the the problem with it.

msvcr80.dll error

Cause of Msvcr80.dll Errors

The Msvcr80.dll errors are the result of removal or corruption of msvcr80 DLL file. In some of the cases this error indicates the registry problem that is caused due to malware issues or even and hardware failure.

How to Fix Msvcr80.dll Errors

If you are unable to access the Windows normally due to msvcr80.dll error then:
• You need to use third party PC Error Fix software to get the original source of the mscr80.dll that is available on your computer.

• If the computer does not boot up the Windows normally by the occurrence of this error then you need to start your computer again in the safe mode.

• If you get the missing msvcr80.dll error message then you need to launch the iTunes. To do so you need to go to the control panel on it go to the  “Programs and Features” section on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you have to not delete any song or playlists from it at the time of uninstalling any of these programs. Then you need to back them up by the help of:

1. iTunes
2. Bonjour
3. Apple Application Support
4. iCloud (If installed)
5. Apple Software Update
6. Apple Mobile Device Support

• Once all the files get uninstalled then you need to download again a new version of iTunes. After storing it on your system you need to run the installer in the Administrator mode.

• If thus step didn’t work and you are still getting problems related to iTunes but now something different. Then you need to follow the steps to replace the msvcr80.dll file from an original source file.

• To do so firstly you need to download the MS Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistribution Package MFC Security Update.

• This download provides you with the most recent copy of msvcr80.dll.

• In some of the rare cases if you have deleted the file accidentally. Then msvcr80.dll file gets saves to the recycle bin. Check it for restoring it of you doesn’t find the error.

• If you think this error results after the major software installation or change in the settings of the computer, then you need to restores the computer to its previous state with “system restore” to the date when it was working properly.

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