All About Windows 10 Spring Creators Update – Features, Release Date and Cost Revealed

windows 10 spring creators update

Be ready for the Windows 10 first major update of 2018, Microsoft planned to launch a fresh update to their Windows 10 user in the month of April. The name of this latest update is ‘Spring Creators Update’.

This latest update will be finalized by the end of the march, and it is hoped that it will reach end users sometime in the month of April.

The codename of this latest Windows 10 update is Redstone 4, here it is necessary to mention that the Redstone 5 beta builds is currently in a preview stage and will be launched in the month of October 2019.

The added feature list of this new update is still unconfirmed. However, some basic changes/additions users are expecting such as the addition of Timeline, HDR support, and some interface-level modifications through Fluent Design tweaks.

After the announcement of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, all the Windows 10 users started thinking about the several errors and issues that they had faced while updating to Fall Creators update. But, don’t worry as this latest update uses dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) – specially designed for Windows systems.

The platform depends on the Open Neural Network Format (ONNX) will provide developers lots of benefits to help them add AI to their apps. Similarly, there will be compatibility for chips from AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.

Let’s have look at some common questions that users can ask about Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, and try to answers them.


Why is it named as Spring Creators Update?

First of all, make it clear that there is no official name has been given to this latest Windows 10 update, but several websites associated with the Microsoft it is being named to as the ‘Windows 10 Spring Creators Update’. According to Microsoft, this update is known as its codename ‘Redstone 4’.

This update is tested as “Redstone 4”, but become popular as ‘Spring Creators Update.’


When will the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update be released?

According to the name of this update- “spring” it is hoped that the next version of Windows has been rolled out in the month of spring. It is still in the testing mode, and will likely be available for the end users in stages as with previous updates.

Still, no exact date has been revealed yet, but all of tech giants and bloggers are assumed that it will be launched sometime in the spring.

But it is clear that this update will not become available for all the Windows 10 users on the same date, you have to wait for your turn.


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How much I’ve to Pay for Windows 10 Spring Update?

This update is completely free and you don’t need to pay a single penny for downloading this update for your Windows 10 system. All the Windows 10 update was made available for free, and it is hoped that the Microsoft will make all the future updates free to the system, too.

So don’t worry about money and make it clear that this Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is free for all of existing Windows 10 users.


Will it be forced on us?

According to me, YES you have to download this update in order to make your Windows 10 PC more secure and full of features.

Microsoft not only focused on the latest features while designing any updates but they also focused on the security and stability modifications. If you are living in the era of Windows 7 or XP then you need to wake and prepare your PC/Laptop for this fresh Windows 10 update.


What are the Latest Features Added in the Spring Creators Update?

Now coming to the main point, the main motive of any updates is to make the core feature more attractive and secured. This latest Windows 10 update will include a new Timeline, as well as improvements in their inbuilt apps like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, People and an additional rollout of the new fluent design.


What is the Windows 10 Timeline?

In this update handling current and previous running apps will become very easy. This is the biggest alternation through which one can manage current and previously running apps with less navigation.

The Timeline option is one of the most awaited features, it adds a history element in the task view window management. This feature let users see what they were running sometime today or earlier and resume them, this is not only limited to the Windows 10 PC you’re on at that time but from other Computers and even Android or iOS to install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The timeline is one of the eye-catching addition to Windows that seems to embrace the multi-device life with higher integration between mobile and PC. The core motive behind this feature is, now you don’t need to fret about things you haven’t saved, now you are able to check out what you were working on, in which application and at what time.

The timeline will display you the programs they have executing on their PC/Laptop, starting from the most recent. Hence, users will be able to opt up tasks were they left them from the Timeline in the same system, another system, an Android device or an iOS device.


What is Fluent design Feature of Windows 10 Spring Update?

Microsoft’s latest design language is known as “fluent”, it will be rolled out further, along with a better focus on light, depth, and motion in Windows 10.

The fluent design successfully replaces “metro”; it is usually more modern and fluid, with extra layers, highlighting effects and semi-transparency.


Are any extra features added to Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft’s default web browser EDGE also gets few improvements in this latest update of Windows 10. This web browser will now be able to silent the audio that is coming from specific tabs. This feature brings it modern as the Apple’s Safari.

Along with, Microsoft Edge will also gain some extra touch-pad gestures, built and design upgrading and improved ebook support.


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Does Cortana become more Reliable?

Now you can make lists that synchronizes between the devices with the Cortana app, not just Windows computers/laptops.

Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligent assistant i.e. Cortana will also get updated in order to become more intelligent.

Now after this update, Cortana will also be able in highlighting apps that you can resume in order to pick up where you left off on other devices.

Microsoft is also added natural language voice control for music playback in third-party software, such as Spotify.

That’s all; if you are using Windows 10 system having the last update then your system is ready for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

But you have to wait until the Microsoft’s official announcement.

All About Windows 10 Spring Creators Update - Features, Release Date and Cost Revealed
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