How To Fix a Computer That Won’t Turn On

power]There are many things related to PC that makes you frustrated for example if you push the “Power” button and nothing happens. The computer does not start. There are many reasons that may restrict the computer from starting, sometimes it might be very general or sometime it may be through complicated means. Some of the most common reasons that restrict the PC from booting up are-

No Power-

Often PC does not start because has no power because the wires may be unplugged. This can been confirmed as when you start the PC  and then press the “Power” button but if the lights don’t flash and no noises are there then the reason behind might be due to dead power supply.

Trouble with monitor-

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If the PC boot up fine but you just can’t see it then the possible reason behind this may be the video display might be unplugged or it might not be on.

Hardware Disconnection-

While transporting the computer equipments if it has been banned around, parts of the hardware such as graphics card or even the CPU then it also might have become dislodged.

Not off actually-

Computer might get tricky sometimes they can appear to be off but actually they still are on. To overcome this situation you have to completely off the “Power” button of your machine and then hold down it again for about three to five seconds. After you completely ensure that it has been completely off try starting the PC again normally.

Bad Disk-

Sometime the computer might start the booting process but it stops at sudden then it could due to bad drive. It can only be recovered by fixing the boot sector of the hard drive.

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