What are registry errors and how to fix Registry?

 registry errors and how to fix Registry

Is your computer takes more time to boot or perform very slowly with displaying error messages? If your answer is yes then you have to know more about registry files and registry errors. Computer start displaying registry errors message when the registry files gets corrupt due to any internal or external reasons.

Registry file is actually a central database of any computer system in which all the activities and information about the hardware component of computer gets stored. In short it is a common database used by the operating system of your computer for handling information associated to hardware and software applications is known as Windows registry. This database also stores the personal preferences and permissions of user.

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So it stores all the activity that is executed into the computer system and so that after some time it gets very large and that causes slow system. Unwanted registry keys can also produce registry errors and corrupt some application software. When user makes changes in preferences, the Windows registry goes through an expansion. With the latest information collects in the registry file, the outdated data is gathering up and this hampers its normal performance. Due to this numerous types of system problems occurs like PC freezes, slow speed, registry error, application corruption.

What are registry errors?

We know that large registry database can slowdown the associated computer performance and leads registry errors. It is the main part of any system and so that if it gets affected or corrupt then it may also corrupt the computer.

Registry file gets corrupt due to improper installation and uninstallation of applications, Viruses attacks, Trojans and spyware infection, unwanted registry files on your computer system will also cause registry errors. And it is necessary to repair registry errors immediately when you see it because after some time the small registry error become the cause of system corruption.

 Some Common Problem due to Registry Errors

  • Computer takes more time to restart and even work also after startup. AN infected registry file can change your entire experience of using computer because it makes the computer sluggish and error full.
  • Computer gets freeze during executing any task, it is very dangerous and to restore system in working mode you have to restart it. Due to this there is a chance of data loss because it hangs the computer system during execution of any task.
  • It will also display many error messages on the computer screen, whenever you want to execute any task it display registry errors so it makes difficult to execute any task.

How to fix Registry Errors

It is necessary to fix corrupt registry keys, but how to fix registry error? It is very difficult question for any user. You can fix registry manually but it is necessary to make a backup of registry file before taking any action on it.

Manual method to remove Registry Error

Note- Manual method is only for that user those have some basic knowledge of computer because a little mistake during the execution of manual method can corrupt the entire computer system.

Step -1 Click on the “Start” icon and select “Run” option. In run window type “regedit.” Click the folder that you want to edit and click the subkey to highlight it.001

Sep 2- Registry Editor Windows will get open; use the left pane to select the subkey that you want to remove.


Step 3– If you want to delete a subkey then make sure it is selected on the left. And if you want to delete a specific registry value then confirm that it is selected on the right. To delete the selected item simply right click on it and select “Delete” option.


Step 3(A) – If you are deleting the whole subkey then a confirmation window will appear, select “Yes” if you want to delete.



Step 3(B) – If you select to delete one or more entity values from the right, another confirmation window will appear. Select yes to delete Value data.


Software method to remove Registry Error

If you are unable to execute the manual method due to lack of knowledge then you can use any application to remove registry errors. This method doesn’t need any technical knowledge to operate it. So it is the best option for you, this method is also safe and cannot harm your system. This is very advanced registry repair tool that fix registry keys very efficiently. This tool is specially design to fix all types of registry related errors and problems. Simply download registry repair tool and install it to make your system fast, efficient and error free.


Both manual and software method to repair registry file is given choose one according to your need and remove registry errors from computer. If you are technically skilled and able to execute manual method then first method is best for you OR if you not then simply apply the second method to fix system registry.

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