What are Registry Errors and How to Fix?

Registry-insights2Windows Registry is a large database that comprises the configuration and setting for program, hardware, application on your computer. Whenever you install any program, in your computer its values and keys are fixed in the windows registry, from where you can configure and perform troubleshooting steps to repair damaged programs. If your registry is not well maintained it can cause lots of error related to system and the application issues. The error cause improper uninstalled applications that leave the registry entries that create start up issues.  Viruses and other malicious program play a vital role behind registry error because they install the registry entries that are difficult to remove manually. They can even change the file relation and stops you from accessing any executable files. It is also caused by large number of unwanted files on your operating system that use the system resource without any benefit.

Have you ever heard about Windows registry? Many computer users are familiar with “registry”.  It’s true that Windows is a very c0mplex system that manages large number of files at once. Like other c0mplex system it also needs a management database that makes the entire operation easy. That is exactly Windows registry is – it is a core database inside the Windows that keeps all the setting and the configuration for every single bit of program, hardware, application, software. No matter what happens in your system you are sure that every thing is recorded in the registry. If you change your wallpaper its get record, change your browser homepage registry gets updated, install any new program – it is written in the settings to registry, You uninstall any program the registry is modified.

Registry is like a tree its main branches are called hives, small branches are known as keys and the leaves are known as values.

The hives are given below:

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HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT – It contains information about the registered applications, containing file associations and the OLE object classes

HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG It contains the settings for your computer’s display and printers. The data present in your hive are not permanently stored it is loaded each time you boot your operating system,

HKEY_USERS – It contains the settings for all computer users

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – It contains the setting for your software, hardware, program, OS software, and the third party applications

HKEY_CURRENT_USER – It contains the setting related to the current user profile.

It’s not a joke the registry get accessed 1000 times per second. A missing or damaged registry entry can easily damage your computer and makes it unbootable.

How the Registry error affect?

Registry errors can make your system slow. It can cause applications to freeze, slow down, and even crash. Registry error cal reconfigures the boot option and stops from your operating system. It can also cause a network issue that occurs when there are malware entries that creates network invasion.

Why we need to clean the registry?

As we all know that everything we do on computer is recorded on registry and the new value is always written on it. Unluckily if the registry is outdated entries or not perfect build up over time. Then some entries get outdated or corrupted. It is true that when you install or uninstall any program as some application they don’t clean up themselves properly when they get uninstalled. Cleaning the registry can delete the entire entry and fix the corrupt so that the window won’t have to move through mess.

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How to get rid of Registry error?

You need to properly uninstall any programs or applications that are not in use. You can easily uninstall some programs by your own from the “Add or Remove Programs” by window on Control Panel, while the other are uninstalled by using a removal tool.  Run an antivirus program and delete malicious program that install on registry and crash your program. Be careful while downloading any programs or applications from an unknown websites. Most of the software is bundled with other malicious program. But if you are not professional don’t try it manually to fix the registry errors because you can easily damage your PC’s functioning.  Always backup your registry so that you can have a restore point so that you can come back if your face any error.

As we know that Microsoft doesn’t provide built-in utility to clean the registry. That means to get rid of registry issue you need to use a third party repair tool. There are many registry cleaner available in market that claim to solve any type of registry issue thus it is very important to choose a trustworthy tool that can fulfill your need. The untrustworthy programs damage your registry and fill your computer with malicious viruses. So, just use a trustworthy repair tool to resolve the issue related to your computer.

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