Complete Guide to Disable Microsoft Error Reporting in Windows 10, 8.1 & 7

disable error reporting in Windows 7

If your system will display an error message then another interface will appear which is known as error reporting service.

Windows Error Reporting is a service that allows user to send all the error related content to Microsoft. This service is by default set to on and so whenever you will face any error then Windows system sends an error report to Microsoft automatically.

Windows Error Reporting is enabled by default. When you send general information about an error then Microsoft (For more you can visit official page: will send back either the most current fix or use the information to find a perfect solution for the related issue.

There are lots of causes because of that Windows users should turn off error reporting service, some common causes are given below:

Prevent system from sending private information about your computer to Microsoft

To avoid annoying alerts along with the error message

The error reporting can’t help to fix the problem all the time.

But the Microsoft Error Reporting service become irritating sometime and it become necessary to stop this service. In this blog we will discuss “How to Disable Error Reporting in various types of Windows system?”

Steps to Disable Error Reporting in Windows 10

1: Press Windows + R button simultaneously to open run dialogue box.

2: Type services.msc and press Enter key to open Services.

3: Search for the Windows Error Reporting Service and then right-click on that entry from the list.

4: After right clicking you need to select the Properties option.

5: Go to the Startup type and from the dropdown menu choose Disabled.

6: Click OK or Apply to save the modifications.

7: Exit from the Services window and reboot your system.

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Steps to Enable Error Reporting in Windows 10

If you want to enable this service again then simply follow the below given steps:

1: Go to the Start menu and click on the Run after it type oobe and then press enter.

2: Click on the Enable automatic updating and feedback in the Update This Server area.

3: Click on the Manually configure settings.

4: After it, in the Windows Error Reporting area of the Manually Configure Settings dialog box, click on the Change Setting.

5: Now you need to configure the Windows Error Reporting Service, in the Configuration dialog box select one of the following options.

    • Yes, automatically send detailed reports
    • Yes, automatically send summary reports

6: Save them by clicking on OK

7: On the Manually Configure Settings dialog box, click Close.

Steps to Disable Error Reporting in Windows 8 and Windows 7

Steps for disabling error reporting is same for the both i.e. Windows 8 and 7,

1: Go to the Control Panel and click on the System and Security link.

2: Click on the Action Center link.

3: Now, in the Action Center window, click/tap the Change Action Center setting slink on the left.

4: Click on the Problem reporting settings link present in the “Related settings” section at the bottom of the “Change Action Center settings” window.

5: here you will found four Problem Reporting Settings options:

    • Automatically check for solutions (the default option)
    • Automatically check for solutions and send additional report data, if needed
    • Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions
    • Never check for solutions

6: Select Never check for solutions will completely disable error reporting in Windows.

Note: If you want to partially disable this service then you should choose Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions.

7: After it, Click on OK button present at the bottom of the window.

8: Again, click on OK button present at the bottom of the Change Action Center settings window.

9: After all, exit from the Action Center window.


Steps to Disable Error Reporting in Windows XP

1: Go to the Control Panel section and click on the Performance and Maintenance link.

2: Select the System link present under the Control Panel icon section.

3: After it, go to the Advance tab from the System Properties window.

4: Click on the Error Reporting button. An Error Reporting window will appear, select the Disable error reporting radio button and click OK.

5: Click OK button on the System Properties window

6: After all, exit from the Control Panel or Performance and Maintenance window.

Conclusion:  All the above discussed steps are completely tested so don’t worry about any types of issue. Error Report service in Windows system is one of the useful thing and it helps the user to fix the appeared issue.

When PC/Laptop hangs or crashes then OS immediately sends an error report to Microsoft automatically. If any solution is available then Microsoft will send you some fixes and if not then they try to find the solution.

In case you want to get rid of Error Report Service notification appears along with the errors or have concerns about privacy then you should immediately disable error reporting.

Simply apply the above given steps based on different operating system and avoid the error reporting service to fetch any personal information.

Complete Guide to Disable Microsoft Error Reporting in Windows 10, 8.1 & 7
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Complete Guide to Disable Microsoft Error Reporting in Windows 10, 8.1 & 7
Simply follow the steps and Disable Microsoft Error Reporting. Step 1: Press Windows + R button Step 2: Type services.msc.
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