Top 5 Tested Solutions to Fix “Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter” Issue

Fix Disk Boot Failure

Are you unable to turn on your PC or Laptop due to “Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter” error? Then you are at the right place, here in this blog we will discuss this critical windows system error and try to solve this issue?

Disk boot failure is an error that prevents the Windows to load properly. Whenever you boot your system then you will face ‘Disk Boot Failure’ and avert you from booting into your PC/Laptop. This error message generally appears with a black screen and shows an error: “Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter”


What is the meaning of Disk boot failure?

When you boot your computer system, a ‘disk boot failure – insert system disk’ error can occur which shows that there is an issue either in the hardware or software. This type of error message may also appear if there is a CD in the drive while booting the computer.

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There are several reasons that can trigger boot failure issue, some of them are – incorrect boot sequence, recently added hard drive, an unplugged HDD, a damaged disk and more…

There are many more other causes that may generate the “the disk boot failure insert system disk error”.

If this error is occurring due to the damaged system files then you can easily get rid of ‘the disk boot failure error’ by restoring the boot sector.

In case the HDD is damaged then partitioning the disk and reinstalling the Windows Operating System will fix the problem.


Disk Boot Failure Scenarios

So, it is clear that the above-discussed error message is very annoying, here in this section we will discuss the scenarios of Disk Boot Failure.

The Disk boot failure error may also appear when BIOS (Basic Input Output System) become unable to find the bootable drive to boot the computer.

If you will ignore this error message then it can result in some other dreadful problems like the system crash, black screen of death error, blue screen of death error, random computer freezing and more…

Some other causes are:

  • Improper boot sequence
  • Recently added hard drive on your computer
  • A disc is stucked in the drive
  • Recently unplugged hard drive
  • Damaged or corrupted disk
  • Damaged system files


How do I fix disk boot failure?

Solution 1: Modify BIOS Boot Order to fix the incorrect boot sequence scenario

In order to check the computer’s boot order, follow the below given steps carefully:

Step 1: First you have to restart your computer or laptop and then open the BIOS window. To do this- you have to press a specific key while system logo will appear.

If you are not sure which key to press then try the following listed keys one by one before the Windows logo appears?

 Esc, Del, F2, F8, F10 or F12

Step 2: Navigate to the Boot tab and change the order to position the hard disk as the 1st bootable device.

Step 3: After it, save these settings and reboot the computer


Solution 2: Try after Removing Recently Added Hardware Device

First, you should make sure that all the connected data cables and jumpers are in working condition and properly connected. If all ok then follow the below-given steps:

  • Detach the recently added hardware and then try to reboot your computer. Check for the issue, if all your system boots normally then there is an issue in your recently added hardware device.
  • Replace the cables of the hard disk with a new one and then try to boot your system. Also, verify the jumpers of the hard disk


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Solution 3: Check HDD for failures

NOTE: This solution is applicable when your PC is normally booting or in safe mode.

You can easily do a hard drive Error Check on your Windows system.

Step 1: First, you have to click on the Windows Explorer folder icon present on your taskbar

Step 2: After it, click on the This PC menu item appearing on the left-pane and then look for the HDD icon with the Windows logo. Right-click on the hard drive and then select Properties

Step 3: Choose the Tools tab and then click on the Check button

Step 4: After it, click on the → Scan drive option

Step 5: Windows will automatically scan the entire drive and fix any issues it found. After the completion of the scanning process, click on the OK to exit from the Properties window.

Step 6: At last, restart your PC 

NOTE: This solution is applicable when you are not able to boot your PC in the normal mode.

In order to follow the below-given steps, you should have a bootable CD/DVD of your installed Operating System.

Step 1: First, insert a Windows bootable CD/DVD into the computer and then reboot the computer.

Step 2: Your system will display a message “Press any key to boot from CD” then hit any key form your keyboard.

Step 3: Now, press the ‘R to boot the Recovery Console.

Step 4: Select the Windows installation to be repaired, after it type in the Administrator Password.

Step 5: After it, type the below given command, and hit Enter key to run it:

chkdsk C: /R

Now, this command will scan your c drive for any type of issue, once the process gets completed restart the computer.

Solution 4: Using the Startup Repair Tool

Restart your PC or Laptop and keep pressing F11 when you see the logo screen. This will open up the Windows 10 Advanced Startup Options menu. From this Window select the Troubleshoot and then click Advanced options.

At last, click on the ‘Startup Repair’ this will allow your OS to repair the startup issue.  

Solution 5: Verify your System Files are damaged or not via Windows OS Disk

Are you still unable to fix “disk boot failure error” in Windows 10? Then you should verify your system files once, to do this type of scan you should need a system repair or system recovery disk (Windows Installation Disk).

First, insert the Windows 10 installation Disk and boot your system using this bootable disk, after it, go to the Computer –> Troubleshoot –> System Restore.

Now, you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to continue the process and get rid of the disk boot failure issue in Windows 10.



It is hoped that now your system is booting normally, as it is already discussed that there are several reasons behind this issue hence the solution may also vary along with the reasons.

That’s why all the possible solutions depending upon the causes are given, it is suggested to apply them one by one in order to overcome from this issue.

After fixing your PC or Laptop is also recommended that run a system scan with the help of a professional PC Error Repair Tool. This is the software that able to scan your entire computer or laptop and fix all other possible issues present inside your system.

Top 5 Tested Solutions to Fix "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter" Issue
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