Steps to repair Werfault.exe error in Windows 10, 8, 8.1,7

deal with Werfault.exe error

This error generally occurs on Windows 10, it is because this latest operating system is packed with a very vital feature known as “Windows Error Reporting System”. This option is specially given to deal with windows errors like Application Error WerMgr.exe or WerFault.exe. Windows Error Reporting System is actually a service which will get and send the logs of Error to happen in Windows Systems to the Microsoft.

WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe is accountable for the record and send the error logs to the Microsoft, they are system file which is related to the Error Reporting System these files is present at the System 32 folder. Through this feature, Microsoft diagnoses the problem and also give the solution in the form of any update to install. If your system is displaying WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe error then it is sure that these files got corrupted or deleted from its place.

Harms related to Werfault.exe Error

This type of error can slowdown you Windows system and may also generate many other types of error if not solved soon. You can check this through the Task Manager of your Computer, task manager will show that the CPU utilization is near about 100% constantly, and when you click on the Processes tab then you will see that more than one occurrence of Werfault.exe that are using all the CPU memory.

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Steps to Disable Werfault.exe

  1. Click on the Startbutton-> Control Panel-> Windows Error Reporting->Click on System and Maintenance, then click Problem Reports and Solutions.
  2. After it click on the Change Settings present at the left side panel of the Problem Reports and Solutions
  3. Choose an option to set how you want Windows to appear for a solution to your issues. You may either set it for automatic or ask to you every time.
  4. Next, click on the Advanced settings
  5. Choose Off to turn off Error Reporting.


Another way to turn off the Werfault.exe (or WerSvc) Service

  1. Go to Start button-> Control Panel and then System and Security > Administrative Tools.
  2. Then right-click on the Services and then click Run as Administrator
  3. Services window will appear, choose Windows Error Reporting Service.
  4. Double-click on it and click on the Stop button to disable it.


Note: It is recommended to check for the system drivers, if any outdated drivers found then immediately update it. This will also help you to get rid of this issue.

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