How To Fix Pillars Of Eternity Bugs, Crashes, Graphics, Errors, Performance Issue?

pillars of eternity errors

Pillars of Eternity a new fantasy video game recently launched by Obsidian Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. The story starts in the imaginary world of Eora, with sovereign city-states, several nations, strange priest and the factor of great conflict. The player has to play role of a foreigner, who has recently arrived in this world. But if you are passionate video game player, then you probably know all this.

Some players are reporting constant errors and bugs while playing it. The most common errors that players are complaining about are: Random Crashes, Achievements and game not showing on profile, Freezes and some minor issues.

Below are some errors listed and how to quickly fix such major issues like crashes and freezes are discussed, so take a look over it:

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#1 Pillars of Eternity Missing Textures

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If you are weird pinkish graphics or missing textures, then you need to verify your game files. Or else go to settings menu and try disabling different options one by one as it could be due to one of the settings.

#2 Pillars of Eternity – Raedric’s Keep Crash

Many users have also reported their game is crashing while they are at Raedric’s Keep.

There is no permanent solution for this but if you don’t want to wait for an official patch then, back up your save files and try deleting ar files manually to reset the area. May be it works.

#3 Pillars of Eternity – Download Stuck at 99%

To fix such issue you can try multiple options. First, run the game even if it says 99%. If that doesn’t help, you need to quit Steam and restart.

You should change the download server region. It you problem still continues, you should try re-installing Steam.

#4 Pillars of Eternity Stuck/Game Won’t Progress

Another bug that is being faced by multiple users, to remove it you should verify your game files first and if won’t work, a fresh install seems to have fixed the issue.

You can also lower the graphics settings and run the game in windowed mode this will surely help you to resolve the issue.

#5. Blue Screen Crash

Always the problem isn’t in the game or bug. For example, when the game start you may face “dead” blue screen and PC restarts the problem might be in your graphic card drivers. In such situation follow these steps:

My computer – Properties – Advanced System Settings – Start Up and Recovery – Settings – Restart Automatically

#6.Pillars of Eternity Bug – Ranger Animal Companions Getting Stuck

It is a very common bug you should try restarting the game from the previous saved game to get around it. But one thing that you need to keep it in your mind is that before you re-load previous saved game, you need to restart your game too.

#7. Other crash issues, Performance Issues

If your game suddenly gets crashed while playing it, then you need to update your graphic card drivers. This will help you to overcome such issue.

If all these above mentioned issue is not solved with suggested solution then you need to make use of patch that is offered by the PC Repair Tool. This helps you to fix all these annoying errors. This patch won’t interfere with your Steam account you will not get banned up you are safe and if the game developers come up with new updates of the game you can easily install it without any problem.

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