[Complete Tutorial] How to optimize battery life on your Windows laptop?

optimize battery lifeThe laptop is a device which we use on our daily base. We usually carry a laptop everywhere we travel. Suppose you are out with your laptop and you have to do very important work on laptop but your laptop battery has given up. Now, what will you do.?

Well here are some ways in which you can save your laptop’s battery life. So that it stays with you for a longer time. These ways will help your laptop to stay for a little longer time without its charger. Focus on the display of your laptop – that’s the big battery consumer.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Reasons for the battery consumption any modern popular devices is their display—whether it is, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Setting your screen brightness in low level will save your battery easily and considerably your laptop’s battery will get much more time.

Lesser the brightness level, you can use the laptop for longer time. On a usual laptop, you normally press the function (Fn) key and hold the brightness buttons on laptop keyboard.

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Have Your Display Automatically Turn Off

Assume you are doing some work in your smartphone but your laptop screen is on, well at that time your laptop loses lots of battery. It will be better if you will set more hostile display power settings, you can set your laptop on dim and switch off the display as it’s not in use.

For setting your laptop on dim and switch off, you need to first open the power option dialog in the control panel and select your display to dim and turn off for a less amount of time. If you want to turn on your display light all you have to click any key or move your mouse to switch the display on without any waiting, this is a simple way to save power.

This will not disturb you will you are working on your laptop and for a Media player you can set the display to stay on during they’re running, don’t worry you can enjoy a video with no continuously changing power setting or your moving your mouse.


Disable Bluetooth and Other Hardware Devices

There are soo many devices like Bluetooth radio etc in your laptop which is not in use for you but still they are turn on. These devices are also one of the reasons for battery consumption. To save your battery you can turn off these devices so that laptop can be used for longer time. If you wish to turn off Bluetooth, you can hold the Function (Fn) key with the Bluetooth icon on your laptop.

Turning off your laptop’s Wi-Fi can also help a lot to save your laptop’s battery. Suppose you’re at a place where there is no Wi-Fi connection at that time you can switch off your Wi-Fi to save some power. Switching off Wi-Fi is alike to Bluetooth or you can also disable Wi-Fi adapter from the Control Panel’s network connections window.


Tweak Your Power Plan

Do you know that window offers you power plan which will rapidly change your laptop’s power settings to other profiles. Suppose you need every bit of power you can get from your laptop while working on laptop, for that you can change your power plan in power saving mode. And if you wish you can also change power plan in balanced mode. Power plan is available in the Control Panel’s Power Options window.

Select the change plan settings link and click on change advanced power settings, if you want to adjust advanced power options.

You can change the settings of your laptop to power off its hard drive rapidly and you can also command your system to slow down the processor in place of switching the fans on if it becomes hot. Like these both setting, there are many other setting which you can change.

Anyways, these setting also help to save battery. If you set your power setting at Power saver mode it would be best but if you wish you can change the setting even more hostile in some area.


Use the Windows Power Troubleshooter

Have you heard about Troubleshooter? Well Windows 7 and 8 consist of a power troubleshooting tool which helps to scan your system for regular battery exhausts and automatically repair them. To use this tool, check the Troubleshooting pane in the Control Panel and execute a search for Troubleshooting to locate it.

Choose the View All option in the Troubleshooting pane and start the Power troubleshooter.

Windows will check for general problem and automatically repair those problems. This is a rapid way to ensure if a laptop’s settings are fine without burrowing through many other different options dialogs.


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Slim Down Startup Programs, Use Lighter Software

To save power, make your computer do less in general:

  • Using screensaver may look nice, but this consumes battery a lot, so it’s better if you off your display when it’s not in use.
  • Don’t run too many programs in background. Uninstall or disable program which you don’t want to use by checking it in the system tray, so that you can stop them from starting automatically.
  • Running too many programs in the background plus using heavy programs are the reason CPU consumes lots of power. Try to you lightweight programs so that CPU doesn’t work much. And run the lesser program in the background.
  • Update your laptop’s RAM and shut programs running in the background because in case your laptops RAM is full and it requires more memory, for that laptop will send data to the page file on its hard drive, and this added hard drive work will consume power. On the latest computer, this doesn’t bother because they come with a large amount of RAM. Try to clear data when your RAM gets full.


Hibernate Instead of Sleep

Place your laptop in hibernate mode when you will not use your laptop for few hours. Placing your laptop in sleep mode consumes very less battery like it uses a less amount of battery to power its RAM and helps system to state loaded in memory, permitting system to get up and restart in a minute. Laptop saves systems states in disk and power off without using power in a hibernate mode.

Hibernates modes use as much power as you need to shut down your laptop. Anyways sleep mode doesn’t consume much power either but it would be better if you place your system in hibernate mode.

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[Complete Tutorial] How to optimize battery life on your Windows laptop?
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[Complete Tutorial] How to optimize battery life on your Windows laptop?
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