How to improve Windows 8 performance?

Windows-8Windows 8 is an improved version of Windows 7 but if you don’t use this on your PC for a long time then it may create some problem during running down the applications. However if you have recently upgraded to Windows 8 then there is a great chance of getting some issues on the way. Therefore you should do something so that you can improve the performance of Windows 8. Mentioned below are some of the tips by following you can improve the performance without sacrificing any other part of the experience.

Disable time-wasting animations

In Windows 8, it displays animations when you maximize, minimize, open or close the application windows. You have the option to disable the animations and window transition that happen immediately. Therefore to disable the animations, click on the windows key and simply type ‘SystemPerformanceProperties’ and after that hit on enter button. You may also disable some of the other animations like slide menus into view and Fade or slide tool tips into view.

Manage your startup programs

Windows task manager will allows you to easily disable all the programs which start your computer. Hit on the startup tab on the task manager so to access all these options. Even windows can also instruct you about how each and every program starts and displays the information in the startup impact column. Only you have to select the program and after that hit on the disable option to avoid it from starting the windows and speeding up your startup process.

Pinpoint the Apps by using lots of resources

The task manager of windows 8 allows easily allows you to pinpoint the programs which slow down the computer. Therefore to open the task manager, right click on the desktop taskbar and after that choose Task manager. You can hit the more details option to see the full interface. Those applications that uses lot of resources will be highlighted that make it easy to see about the programs using up the computer resources. The list will show of the application which makes it easy to understand.

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Modify the Power settings

windows 8 power optionsWindows 8 uses the power plan so that it can decide whether the battery life or performance should be prioritized similar to the previous versions of windows do. If you want to view the power plan settings, then click on the windows key, type Power plan, hit on settings and after that hit on enter. By default, Windows automatically reduces the CPU’s speed at the time of maximize speed is not required. When the system is in high performance mode that time your CPU’s speed is never reduced. It runs with full speed every time. No matter whichever plan you select, be sure that you are not using power saver.

Use included security programs

When you install third party security software, it generally slows down the performance of your computer. So instead of installing third party security, try to use the included security applications. Windows 8 include a Smart screen feature that analyzes how trustworthy programs you download. In previous versions of windows, it includes firewall that blocks incoming connections.

Optimize your hard drive

Windows 8 includes the standard disk defragmenter which is now named as optimize drivestool. If you want to access it, and then click the windows key, then type Defragment, hit on settings and after that click on enter. Windows 8 automatically optimizes your drive once in every week by default. However if you want to move lots of files around, then you may optimize your drives sooner.

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