Why it is important to keep your registry clean?

keep your registry clean

We know that registry file is one of the very important part of any computer system or laptop, and when registry file get huge then system start displaying registry errors. Because of large registry file system gets unable to operate frequently and so that computer works very slow than usual. So in the manner to make our computer fast, efficient and error free it is important to keep clean registry keys.

What happens when a registry files get dirty:

A dirty or corrupt registry file turns a healthy computer to a sluggish system, an infected registry keys will also makes difficult to execute some system applications or make them corrupt. Registry error can also do many things, some of them are given bellow:

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  1. A healthy computer turns into a slow performing system.
  2. System takes long time to boot
  3. System may display files missing errors.
  4. Computer display OLE missing error message.
  5. System gets restart several times.
  6. Due to this some application may also gets corrupt.
  7. System gets freeze every time.
  8. You can only load windows through safe mode.
  9. Unable to urn Windows registry editor. It comprises the scanner routines of Startup registry.
  10. System OS display an error message “registry has been damaged”.

To learn more about registry errors and you have to learn about Windows registry:

What is Windows Registry

It is actually a database under which all the information related to the system and OS are stored. These recorded information is helps the computer to perform smoothly and efficiently. Under the windows registry there is two basic components are present first is called keys and the second is known as values. Registry Keys can be considered as folders, which may store other components, whereas values are similar to files which are present under the folders. In the windows registry a hierarchy of keys is originate which is more expanded till the necessary value is found. The collection of both keys and values is makes Windows registry, which is very important component for the any operating system in order to execute an application.

How are Registry Errors Caused

There are many factors that causes a registry files and make it corrupt, we know that whatever we do on our computer system all gets recorded into the registry files. So that after few weeks a registry file gets huge and so that it gets very difficult for the OS to find any information. And why so computer perform very slow.

1. Registry errors caused when user regularly install or uninstall programs on the computer system.

2. When user gets install or uninstall any application incompletely or any error occur during the installation.

3. Computer virus and malware infection or attack can also affect the computer system and makes registry file corrupt.

4. Major modifications of computer hardware can also make a registry file corrupt.

5. Unused or uninstalled system drivers can also harm the registry database.

How to Clean Registry Files

To make a registry file error free and make a computer system fats you can apply a manual methods but be careful because if any error occurs during the manual process of registry method then it may affect your entire system or make system corrupt. So the best solution is registry repair tool because this application is specially designed for this task.

Many professional are also recommends this tool because it is safe, fast and easily clean PC registry. This tool is very easy to operate and one can easily operate this tool because its user interface is very simple and understandable. So free download registry repair tool and make your system fast.

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